Letter from Polykarpos Georgiadis (Greece)

In August 2008, two comrade fighters are arrested for their complete support and their factual solidarity to the wanted fugitive Vasilis Palaiokostas. Charges are attributed to them for participation in the kidnapping of the wealthy industrialist Georgos Mylonas who had declared that “workers must tighten their belts” during the ‘economic crisis’. Since then they are in prison accepting the “crime” of solidarity and their reliable class conscience. Here is a new letter from one of them, Polykarpos Georgiadis, the other is named Vagelis Hrisohoides, and is also not forgotten, read on!


“Mentoza: I am robber, I live by stealing from the rich.
Tanner: I am robber, I live by stealing from the poor.”

George Bernard Shaw

On Wednesday 9th of March, in the audience of the five-member court of appeals of Thessaloniki (3rd floor, room 360) will be carried out the trial of the capitalistic order, via the attorney of George Mylonas, son of Alexandros, president of the terrorist organization “Union of Industrialists of Northern Greece”.

The capitalists are accused of the followed criminal acts:

1) Constitution of criminal organization, i.e. the capitalistic order, aiming at to grab the labour force of the proletarians and the violent detachment of the surplus produce value.

2) Kidnapping jointly the proletariat and its incarceration to the galleys of wage slavery.

3) Blackmailing jointly aiming at the gain of the surplus value, under the spectrum of unemployment, misery and seediness.

4) Distinguished jointly theft of the social wealth.

5) Robbery jointly and repeatedly, under the form of the so called “white collar crime”.

6) Homicide jointly and repeatedly, whether in the form of martial imperialism for the opening (see. …..) of virgin markets and the theft of wealth-producing sources, or with starvation that is created by the structural economic violence of the existing way of production.

7) Possession of weapons, munitions and explosive materials and the issuing of these to their mercenaries of urban order (police, army etc).

8 ) Ethic perpetration in the acceptance of products of crime, forecasted by the so-called Memorandum: reductions of wages and pensions, flexibilization of labour relations, abolishment of the 13th wage, increase of the limit of redundancies etc.

9) Covering for criminals jointly: of the government of [Prime Minister] Papandreou and the mafia-like organization with the code name “Troika”*.

“Tyranny’s trial is Revolution”

Polykarpos Georgiadis
Kerkura Prisons

* “Troika” = ‘Tri-State’. The 3-part regime ruling Greek economics presently, consisting of the European Union, European Social Fund, and International Monetary Fund.

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