CARI-PGG send Explosive Packets for 2 Prison Directors (Mexico)


“During the week of the 22nd to the 27th of February this year [2011], we sent two explosive packets to the directors of two penitentiaries; to the director of the Reclusorio Preventivo Varonil Norte and to the director of Centro Varonil de Readaptación Psicosocial (CEVAREPSI), both of which are prisons in Mexico City, as we know it this action was completely covered up and censured.

This time, the packets contained various variations in comparison with those sent on earlier occasions to the Chilean embassy, as they contained a capsule of ammonia nitrate in limited quantity among other technical differences for initiation. This action forms part of a campaign against the GDF which aims to recruit citizens as prison guards. It was elaborated with a great quantity of explosive as this time we weren’t going to have consideration for those that may open them, as anyone who conforms to the penitentiary system is an accomplice to the torture inflicted against the prisoners, obviously we are referring to the prison guards; to the doctors that supposedly carry out ‘humanitarian’ work but that consciously maintain complicity with the State; to directors and tactical and repressive groups. The packets were elaborated with the best of precision as to avoid activating accidentally.

On this occasion we decided to direct ourselves against the two types of prisons for humans. These damned institutions that have taken up hundreds of years and have NEVER resolved ANYTHING.

These repulsive extermination centres, those that degrade people, that repress them, torture them, reduce them and treat them as if they were the worst waste that ever existed. And if they are lucky, a few can leave from there conserving their essence and their dignity, even though the marks will always remain in their memory.

Right now there are so many of our compañerxs kidnapped and held in these places and as well surely there are many that may read this communique that have dear ones equally trapped within these horrible places. They may be “innocent” or they may be responsible for the acts for which they are accused; but at the end of the day we all know that the large majority of the “crimes” that are committed are consequences of the system that makes us believe that political and economic power above all give us happiness.

We are sick of letting a group of useless bureaucrats decide who deserves to be free and who doesn’t. With the standards that give them corruption and money.

And we are not only speaking of the prisons with bars, but also those that have cushioned walls, drugs all the time, electro-shocks and negligence as their order of the day. We also want to speak about these forgotten places, intentionally forgotten, by society.

Today in Mexico there are 2.7 psychiatrists for every 100,000 inhabitants and with a destined 0.85% of their budget. Is this sufficient? Of course not.

The intention is not to be defenders of those that clearly can not defend themselves for being tied to a hospital bed or for being drugged inadequately and unnecessarily 24 hours a day so as not to annoy. No, the intention is to make us think about the reality that thousands of people are living, those that don’t have a voice for being labelled “crazies”.

People that are equally locked up, only for having depression, for not thinking like everyone else, for looking different or simply for not accepting this absurd reality.

It is necessary to fight against these places that annihilate minds and that are equally abhorrent, but many people perhaps don’t see it because they don’t suffer it, because they don’t have anyone inside these places, because it simply doesn’t affect them directly or because they feel that these themes are delicate ones and that aren’t theirs to think about.

But this is the reality, and it is an error to keep on reproducing and dragging along since so many years before, it is one more error that weighs upon our shoulders.

And if all of us know that it does absolutely nothing, why do we let it go on? And really “who has the right to take away our freedom?” Those who they call judges of our lives?

We think it is important to reflect about if prisons really work or if they are only useful to cause us fear of being inside them, to see if they have served the terror that has grown in us, the prize for being a “exemplary and normal citizen” and to abide by all the orders that they give you or face punishment, “if you step out of line you will go to prison”. But the truth is that whatever behavior that steps out of the parametres of what is “normal” is said to be bad and deserves punishment.

There is nothing else, you must have fear (more than respect) for authority and expect something bad from each thing that seems bad to them. But you must know it, the worst that can happen to you in your life is go to jail or go crazy, and like this you stay marked in front of society as a criminal for the rest of your days or as a poor mentally unstable.

WE do not want nor will we permit that such institutions continue, it is for this that we believe strongly that they have to burn, and burn together with those that let it continue.

Everything is paid back, and these people that have been in charge for many years of cutting off experiences, modifying our lives of pleasure, and killing our freedom, they have to pay. And it can be by the same form or a worse form than that which is suffered within the prisons, so that they walk in the same shoes of those that are prisoners in this system of death.

However more, they have to burn, not only with the fire that we throw from our hands, but also from the fire that each one of us can create.

Here there is a lot of fire and a lot of dynamite, there are only lacking the hands that have the courage to use them. And outside there are many things that have to be destroyed.

Until it all burns down!

To blood and fire it will fall, that which blood and fire sustains!

In memory of Xose Tarrio and all those that have died at the hands of the prison society!

Solidarity with the prisoners of the Chilean State, with Giannis Dimitrakis, with Gabriel Pombo da Silva, Marco Camenisch and all those who find themselves within the extermination camps of the state!

To evolve is precisely to be free and if we cannot have freedom, we are rebels… We have to arm ourselves, but not with a useless vote, that will always be worth what the tyrant wants, but instead with effective arms and less candid use that brings us ascending evolution and not the regressive that the pacifist fighters advocate.

Never passive! Rebel, now and forever…”

Praxedis Gilberto Guerrero.

Revolutionary anarchist that died in combat on the 30th of December 1910 in
Janos Chihuahua, Mexico.

At war with the State and the Prison Society.

Autonomous Cells of the Immediate Revolution – Praxedis. G. Guerrero

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