A tiny update from an anarchist in Osaka (Japan)

Received from an anarchist comrade of the Free Workers Federation / ABC Osaka :

Comrades and Affinities;

Saluton from Osaka, an western part of Japanese islands, far-east. 14:32 on 11 March 2011, a heavy earthquake (M9.0) hit to the areas of east-north (Touhoku), Ainu-moshiri (Hokkaidou), and metropolitan area. Even in Osaka, I felt the earthquake. Also heavy Tsunami like previously seen in the Indian sea hit to the whole of the Japanese islands, especially to Iwate prefecture, Miyagi prefecture, and Fukushima prefecture.

The center-core of this heavy earthquake was near by Oshika of Miyagi prefecture. This area has a nuke power station named “Onagawa” (this one operated by Touhoku Denryoku), and at about 200 km southern seaside of pacific sea, 2 nuke power stations named Fukushima 1st, 2nd…

By the way, most of eastern parts of Japanese islands, especially in seaside areas of Pacific sea, were hit by heavy earthquake/ heavy tsunami. Further, nuke disaster…

In Osaka, some anarchist individuals and FWF will try to support the refugees of heavy disaster (they are on the way to Fukushima.) Some anarchist comrades living in Osaka will try to support some of “the worst of the worst situation” in Fukushima prefecture as soon as possible. Also in Osaka, FWF will try to engage in trying to organize a tiny support for the refugees of heavy disaster as soon as they can.

Most of comrades living in metropolitan area/eastern part area are ok. However, CIRA-Japan (CIRA is Japan’s largest anarchist archive in Fujinomiya city, Shizuoka pref) was damaged by local earthquake (M6.4) on 14 March 2011, but the Elder anarchist ‘R’ is ok.

… See you on May 1st. I shall return. Thanx. In solidarity. RJ

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