We know who the Italian financiers of the Chilean terrorism are! (Italy, Chile)

From Simone and Nora


On February 15 2011, we read in some online Chilean newspaper: ‘The public prosecutor of the Caso Bombas is considering to arrest two Europeans in order to extradite them as they are considered the financiers of the Chilean anarchists involved in this case. During the hearing to discuss the detention conditions of Omar Hermosilla Marin and Vinicio Aguiera Mery (two of the 14 defendants in the case), held on Monday February 14, public prosecutor Rojas has declared that an Italian and a French are the alleged financiers of the anarchist Chilean group accused of committing at least 23 explosive attacks out of the 108 that were carried out in Santiago of Chile since 2005. According to the judiciary, the Italian deposited 900 euros in the bank account of Omar Hermosilla Marin, accused of illicit association with aim of terrorism. Moreover, according to Interpol investigators, the two Europeans travelled to Argentina on a number of occasions in order to support anti-State groups’.

As it is well known, on 14th August 2010 14 comrades were arrested in Chile and charged with illicit association with aim of terrorism. The infamous ‘Caso Bombas’ was set up, with its media show. The accusation is based on an imaginary hierarchical organization with interchangeable roles, headed by two former leaders of an armed struggle gang of the eighties and nineties (Mapu Lautaro) and by a so-called ‘operational level’ formed by the comrades of squats and of the Biblioteca Sacco y Vanzetti. These places are the alleged hideouts of the imaginary organization, which would also rely on the money provided by financiers. At the moment the judiciary is seeking to obtain a hearing in order to ‘formalise again’ the charges against our kidnapped comrades, of whom 9 are being held in jail, 5 are on bail, one is on hiding and one is a collaborator of the public prosecutor (a guy known as ‘El Grillo’).

Consider that as early as 2007, the then Chilean prime minister Bachelet met former Italian home secretary Giuseppe Pisanu and that in 2009 Antonio Marini (of the Marini trial) was a paid consultant for Chilean cops and inquisitors of various kinds…

We are not surprised by the fact that these vulgar theatrical shows set up ad-hoc by would-be celebrity judges also exist in the Andean country. In other words, dominion is sharpening its weapons on a global level in such a clamorous way; however, it is international solidarity in its many forms that is under attack here. Even if we have not received any warrant yet, one of the many benefit events organized following our journey to South America is being used to create a precedent to criminalize solidarity efforts with the aim to tear apart the international solidarity relations between countries. These relations are the life blood for those who think it is necessary to create a generalized conflict.

In fact, we believe that behind this filthy operation of the Chilean judiciary there stands the clear intention to interrupt the practices of counter-information initiatives, benefit events and production of video and paper material.

Is the intention not already clear to silence all testimonies of the massacres perpetrated by multinationals and by the Chilean State against the tenacious and combative Mapuche people?

Is it not clear the intention to intimidate those who have known the strength and dignity of some Chilean revolutionary prisoners, and have seen with their own eyes the undignified conditions of one of the too many jails in the world? It is not obvious the intention to frighten those who have taken part in public talks on ‘social struggles and repression against the Italian anarchist movement’ in Argentina? Perhaps it is not by chance that in democratic Chile ‘foreigners’ are forbidden to attend any political initiative, under penalty of immediate deportation.

But since the very beginning, anarchists, with their skin-deep propensity to internationalism, have always been supporting and endorsing the most disparate situations of struggle and comrades all over the planet. Rightly, in the context of new born XXI century marked by social unrest and mass insurrections, anarchist anti-authoritarian ideas and self-organisation practices are still a potential threat to the States and to Capital.

We know who the Italian financiers of the terrorism in Chile are: Gruppo Angelini, Gruppo Matte, Enel/Endesa, Ansaldo, Intesa-San Paolo, Ansa Cile, B ticino.


Simone and Nora
Rome, February 2011

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