April 14-21: International Week of Solidarity with the Imprisoned Anarchist Comrades (Chile)

This April 14th to the 21st has been chosen as a week of agitation and propaganda for the immediate freedom of the 14 Chilean anarchists arrested on August 14th 2010. The arrests were a culmination of raids under what is being called the “Bombs Case”. The arrested anarchists are accused of placing or being implicit in dozen of bombs set off in the greater Santiago area for the past couple years. They are being charged under the dictatorship era Anti-Terrorist Law. They are charged with “illicit association” as well. Ten of the arrested comrades have been imprisoned since August 14th, culminating now to almost 8 months of jail time, also 9 of the 10 have been on hunger strike since February 21, 2011. The other comrade joined the hunger strike March 23rd. They have lost around 20 pounds each, the hunger strike is indefinite. The prosecutor is asking for sentences of 10 years, 15 years, to life imprisonment. The comrades have kept their heads held high inside prison agitating with their bodies and small acts of refusal, on the outside anarchists have continued the struggle and expressed multitudes of solidarity, internationally anarchists have responded as well. This week will act as focal point for anarchist solidarity and a reminder of our comrades known and unknown locked up in the cages of democracy in Santiago. Those who forget the accused or the imprisoned of the struggle, forget the struggle itself.

Immediate freedom for the 14 compañerxs!
Prisoners to the streets!


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