Terrorists are those who kill and bomb, not those who struggle against them! (Italy)

This piece of writing is from Martino, one of the comrades arrested in Bologna on April 6 2011

My name is Martino, I’m one of those arrested last 6th April following the nth repressive wave orchestrated by the State: this operation led to the arrest of 5 comrades, 7 others being forced to stay away from Bologna, a great number of searches (carried out, among other things, in several towns) and even the seizure of the documentation space Fuoriluogo (which from a site distributing texts of radical critique and organizing open initiatives every week turned out to be an impregnable fortress of terrorists). This is an investigation public prosecutors have been working on for a long time and which they decided to conclude following some anonymous attacks against IBM, ENI, Emilbanca and Northern League carried out in Bologna in the space of one week (but no reference to these facts can be found in the reports they gave us when we were arrested, hangman journalists should know).

In an atmosphere of media lynching aiming at keeping away the many people who join the struggles anarchists are engaged in by criminalizing the latter (with Maroni [Italian home secretary] announcing his deadly arrival in town), to arrest someone was necessary.

Because police is there, police act. Everything is under control.

It is the usual story: any manifestation of not recoverable dissent must be distorted, circumscribed to a ‘private war’ between power and its sworn enemies in order to defuse its social meaning and nullify its potentials.

As if, once anarchists were no longer there, only docile subjects would remain in this world of commodities, convinced they are living in the best possible world.

But you don’t need to be subversive to realize what this world is like: from nuclear threat to the war for the occupation of Libya on the external front; from ruling militarization to the detention of migrants on the internal front… the daily catastrophe of the society of profit is inflicted on everybody.

In times when dark resignation, which far too often flutters on the northern coasts of the Mediterranean, is illuminated by the insurrections inflaming its southern coasts; in times when NATO draw up a report (Urban Operation in the Year 2020), where its analysts imagine scenarios of armies engaged massively to suffocate the revolts of the poor in the suburbs of big western towns; in times of crisis when it is not surprising that the spreading of anarchist ideas (especially if propagated by individuals who do not wait in vain for the future arrival of a liberated and federated humanity, on the contrary they struggle here and now and risk everything) disturb those in power; in a society like this, all this considered, the ‘role’ of internal enemy is the only one that is ethically acceptable:

I don’t want to be accomplice of a society that devastates the planet hosting it.

I don’t want to be accomplice of an economy that needs continuous wars and to reduce entire populations to famine in order to survive.

I don’t want to be accomplice of guards who rape in police barracks and in migrants detention centres, and kill in police stations and prisons.

I don’t want to be accomplice of a society that develops nanotechnologies and genetic modifications in order to control life and adapt it to its needs for profit.

I don’t want to be accomplice of racism, migrant hunts, detention of those who do not submit to the laws of a country whose governments change but whose cameras, truncheons and barbed wire remain.

I don’t want to be accomplice of religious hypocrisy and of the sex tourism that often constitutes its counter altar.

I don’t want to be accomplice of the continuous massacre of millions of animals breed and nourished to feed the profits of the zoo technical industry that intoxicates and starves in order to introduce new products on the market (even by inventing new diseases so as to patent new medicines).

Instead, I greet and embrace those who struggle against all this: solidarity to the comrades imprisoned in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Greece, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and the United States; to the Mapuche in struggle for their lands, to the ‘Freedom Fighters’ of the Niger Delta, to the insurgents of North Africa and to all those situations of struggles that I don’t know or that I didn’t mention.

Thank you for the solidarity you showed to me and to the other arrested comrades.

Still alongside those who, crushed by a leaden sky, choose to cause a tempest!
Even more lucid!
Even angrier!
Always with my head on!
Always presi bene ragga!*

For anarchy!


*[Italian expression that does not translate into English, roughly meaning ‘we are into it’]

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