Classics Freeshop and Emporium face eviction in Bristol (UK)

After the civil unrest following the raid and evictions on Telepathic Heights, the stakes are clearly raised for all parties for any future eviction.

Meanwhile, three more people will appear in Bristol Magistrates Court this morning, including one charged with “Attempted Murder”. It is notable that many of those charged with serious offences have been of ‘minors’ – i.e. those under the age of 17. It seems the young and naive will bear the brunt of the polices’ judicial revenge.

Classix says: “After a prolonged battle in the courts, Classics Freeshop and the Emporium Art Gallery of 35-37 Stokes Croft face eviction anytime from Thursday 5th May.

Classics has been the beloved home of much needed and cherished community resources. The Freeshop has served as a not-for-profit hub of exchange, with clothes, household goods and books freely swapping hands, since it opened its doors in 2008. Local homeless charities have recognised its importance and now direct their clients to the shop. The Emporium has held a dizzying array of exhibitions from projects as diverse as The Somalian Youth Project, The Big Issue, Burning Candy Crew and Amnesty International to name but a few. It has also hosted film nights and various talks, discussions and meetings.

These projects have become an intrinsic part of the local community and we can ill afford to lose them. Now is the time to come together and show that we are not going to allow these spaces to go without a fight. Lets do all we can to make sure these spaces remain a hive of activity and community-led resistance.”

Keep the flame of Stokes Croft alight!

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