Free the Hostage Tukijo – Kidnapped by Police (Indonesia)

News from the PPLP – Coastal Farmers Association of Kulon Progo:

Rough edited machine translation of PPLP statement:

Tukijo, one of the peasant resistance fighters against iron sand mining in coastal Kulon Progo, Indonesia has been tricked and abducted by police in a planned manner to meet the industrial interests, on Sunday, May 1st, 2011 at 11:00 pm. Until now, Tukijo who was abducted by police on the pretext of the arrest had not been returned as the time set by Law No. 8 of 1981 on Criminal Procedure Code which is 24 hours (article 19).

The kidnapping was not at all worth mentioning as an arrest because police did not fulfill its obligations as set forth by the Code of Criminal Procedure investigators, among others:

1. Carried out on an arrest warrant for allegedly committing a criminal act based on sufficient evidence of the beginning (Article 17)

2. Implementation of duty arrest. Conducted by police officers of the Republic of Indonesia to show the letter of assignment and gave to the suspects arrest warrant that lists the identity of the suspect and said the reason for arrest and a brief description of crime cases as well where he was examined (Article 18 paragraph 1)

A copy of the arrest warrant referred to in paragraph (1) should be given to the family immediately after the arrests were made ​​(Article 18 paragraph 3)

Tukijo is accused of hostage taking by the mining company PT JMI, against 7 people – 7 employees when the employee is warned and advised non-violent by the coastal communities to maintain safety in a way not previously agreed upon through the streets not as transportation routes accomplice PT JMI because the path is prone to areas of conflict. However, they deliberately violate the agreement repeatedly, and fair when warned to avoid unrest. It seems PT JMI take this opportunity to seize freedom and human rights of coastal communities through the hands of the state apparatus with distortion and kidnapping.

Tukijo is right and everyone not willing to provide information that trap himself as a suspect or defendant for the actions that did not do, and be right for Tukijo and every person to be free after police detained for 24 hours without evidence and examined for 21 days without results. Now, after the kidnapping, police took hostages to demand Tukijo for PT JMI, is a behavior that is not really different from piracy on the lives of the people who feed them.

Exempt and return Tukijo for the sake of law and security of coastal Kulon Progo!

To farm or to die, refuse the iron mine!

May 3, 2011

Beach Farm Circle Farmers Kulon Progo

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