Communiqué from the liberated space "400 Colpi", Florence (Italy)

The liberated space 400 Colpi was heavily hit by police on 4th May.

Communiqué from the liberated space 400 Colpi*, Florence

Results of the 4th May 2011 police raid in Florence: 5 comrades under house arrest, 17 comrades forced to report to the police station daily, the liberated space 400 Colpi searched and ransacked by the cops.

The charge: organized crime, referring mainly to situations of conflict of last autumn, and in particular unauthorized demos, occupations, damages to banks, road and railway blocks, scuffles in Novoli when we tried to kick minister Santaché out of the faculty, gatherings outside the juvenile court in solidarity with comrades on trial.


A big hug to all the comrades from everywhere who showed us solidarity in these days.

*‘Colpi’ means ‘blows’


They say ‘organized crime’, we say autonomy, conflict and direct action. They say a criminal association was dismantled, we laugh at their illusion.

It is obvious that this operation is the fruit of a judicial frame-up and we have no will to discuss this. We are not surprised at the fact that repression has also hit several comrades who are not part of the liberated space 400 Colpi. They are comrades with whom we have shared experiences of struggle and with whom we have established bonds beyond geographical borders, bonds which produced conflict and made us breathe fresh air in pacified Florence.

They say ‘blitz against anarchists’. We say anti-insurrectional operation against all those who have decided to abandon the fetishism of identity in order to build a real revolutionary perspective now. An operation against those who, beyond parishes and liturgies, have demonstrated the courage to live with determination those little spaces of conflict which in the last months have provoked cracks in the metropolitan device, without carrying flags or dogmas, but with humility and by facing a reality to be subverted. An operation against the real movement, which since the time of the ‘Onda’ [student movement against the Gelmini reform] has started to emerge from the quagmire of student pacific claims and ‘civil protests’, and at the same time has not crystallized its identity inside any of the many ‘militant areas’.

The media can well depict us as an isolated anarchic sect. We know that outside there, in schools, universities and neighbourhoods, there are many comrades who know us. Comrades with whom we shared almost all the ‘crimes’ we are accused of: occupation of schools and faculties, demos against evictions, road blocks in the metropolitan flow and wild marches in the streets. We are sure that these friendships will prove stronger than any cops’ operation.

Wild strikes are spreading, they scare the Party of Order, from the home secretary to the local Digos [political police] officer. A student movement hotter than usual, a Piazza del Popolo in revolt, a whole range of small gestures of rebellion and new bonds. The need to expand and organize this real movement in Florence and in other cities has already started its planning. It is certainly a difficult, ambitious and dangerous path.

But nothing will stop this new springtime.

Freedom to all comrades.

For social conflict, for widespread autonomy.

Liberated Space 400 Colpi

Translated from informa-azione

Turin, 5th May 2011

“In the night actions were carried out in solidarity with the Florence comrades. Two cash machines were damaged and a writing left: ‘400 more blows [colpi] . Anger cannot be controlled’.”

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