Uncontrollable young comrades of Stokes Croft, Bristol, imprisoned (UK)

Two brave and uncontrollable brothers (David ‘Paddy’ Foster & Joe ‘Little Joe’ Foster) who were arrested at the squat Telepathic Heights after the disturbances in Stokes Croft, Bristol, have been in prison since the riots with two other young comrades (Ben, and another unknown one who was disappeared into the jail without so far any chance of finding them.).

Little Joe was arrested on the first day of the police attack against Telepathic Heights which caused the Stokes Croft riots. Paddy was arrested with Ben and the unknown one on the roof of Telepathic Heights a week and a day later, when the police made their second assault on the building.

The young guys made a brave, determined and uncompromising fight to the end as police evicted the building. The police eviction units had received heavy items from the roof. When the cops fought themselves onto the roof the guys held them off in a long and dangerous siege from which their escape was impossible.

We currently have no contact details for Ben or the other unknown one. They are young guys (17), who will have gone through youth court into the prison-system on at least 18 month+ jail terms. It has been difficult to get info and contact with these two, so we appeal for those with more info or a better relationship with them to let the situation be known if they wish.

Little Joe appeared via video link from prison to Bristol Magistrates Court, May 11th, regarding two accusations of offences relating to the rioting around Tesco supermarket on Stokes Croft. He was arrested on 21st April and accused of possession of a petrol bomb on the roof of the squat Telepathic Heights.

On his first visit to court Joe pleaded guilty. When asked at the second hearing what his plea was, he was unsure. The solicitor had not been to visit him while on remand, so the court had to leave so that he and his appointed solicitor could talk. Also, on the day Tesco first opened its doors for the first time on Stokes Croft he was arrested and accused of spray-painting it. Joe has pleaded not guilty to the charge of criminal damage for the alleged spraying of ‘NO’ on a wooden door of Tesco property. Joe is on remand til the 1st June which is when the next hearing will be and the Committal will be on his 21st Birthday on 3rd June at the Crown Court in Bristol. Please send pictures/postcards to Joe, or visit him if you can. As explained above, he was not even visited in person by his duty solicitor (state appointed solicitor), so he is at an even greater legal disadvantage.

As to the charge of possessing a petrol bomb with intent to damage property, Joe had previously pleaded guilty. This was read out and (n.b. via videolink) he seemed unhappy with this plea. The court clerk then said that the plea had been asked to be changed, but that since nothing had come in writing then it would remain at guilty. Seeing as his ‘solicitor’ never came to visit him, Joe is in a precarious position. He may be able to change his plea at the next hearing or at least at the Committal hearing. Basically he needs some proper legal representation, not these duty solicitors who have no clue or respect. Joe looks well and healthy, had cheeky laughs at some of the trial, a few of us cracking up with him. Joe saw some of us for a bit, and heard some shouts, the judge wasn’t very pleased and prevented the interaction.

Joe’s brother David is inside too, also awaiting trial. Get in touch with them. All these imprisoned and persecuted young people deserve solidarity and not to be forgotten in the aftermath of the riots, to break down the walls of the prison and show them they are not alone in their anger at society.

UK is fast becoming increasingly socially divided again and the start of new urban anti-police riots is the emergence of an understandable refusal in the young people and those who know that the only thing the cops/state can consistently offer them is injustice, brutality and class rule.

Anarchists in Bristol ask that comrades in UK and abroad send their pictures/cartoons/postcards and gestures of solidarity etc, to these young people who showed their refusal of the system and total lack of respect for the authorities.

Letter details:

Joe Foster
Wing: C3-24
19 Cambridge Road,

David Foster
19 Cambridge Road

Some links:

bristolarresteesupport@riseup.net – Supporting the defendants of Stokes Croft

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