Warning of Paramilitary forces targeting Pandang Raya village (Indonesia)

It is almost a month. Rumours about (paid) paramilitary who will attack the squatting village of Pandang Raya. They are people hired by Goman Waisa, a conglomerate who have land conflict with the squatting inhabitants. During daily basis the people have been terrorised by the planning of execution by using paid paramilitary to evict the people. This strategy is used as to avoid police participation after a defeat (of the police force) a year a go during the eviction. At that time, the small quantities of Pandang Raya inhabitants were successful in defending their land and attacking the police.

The Ruling class also wanted to create horizontal conflict between people. This one of their rotten plan. Now there’s already a legal security business and they are planning to recruits every possible “gangster” to attack Padang Raya. The amount of this paramilitary forces is about 200, on Makassar scale. While a year a go the amount of police forces that were sent to attack Pandang Raya is about 400-500 personnel. And the people have successfully fought back. Now the paramilitary organisation want to use at least 500 paramilitary force, and some of them have been identified in entering some “gangs” organisation in Makassar. We used to call them “Boys on the Alley”. But it is quite ineffective for them because some the people and friends there have said to these “boys of the alley” not to involved. For information, during the last year battle there’s about 100 “boys of the alley” in the back of the police barricades.

Pandang Raya people have identified some of them and ask them why they were there, they answered that they were being paid 50-100 thousand rupiah to clean up the water sewage system in Pandang Raya surrounding.

Their methods at this time, are to mobilise people from outside of the town to attack Pandang Raya. Telling lies about the issues in order for the people to join without knowing the real conflict was about. In the conflict area, the internal condition, is that the people are aware all the time and ready to fight. At this time, traditional weapons have been prepared such as: machete, spears, arrows, and other traditional weapons, and not to forget Molotov cocktails. All of this are prepared if the police come to attack. But the use of Molotovs during paramilitary attack is not quite effective, because is not the same formation such as with the police.

This is an appeal for international solidarity in struggle – Contact 325 to arrange financial aid.

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