SHOOT OUT IN PEFKI, ATHENS, TWO COPS AND ONE COMRADE INJURED –Announcement of the Revolutionary Organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (Greece)

On the evening of Wednesday 18th of May, a cop car tried to do a random check on two comrades who were standing next to a motorbike in the Pefki area, Athens. The two comrades decided to not stick around and started walking away, the cops ran after them and after a short chase, the two comrades shot towards the cops injuring two but one of the comrades, Theofilos Mavropoulos,(he originally gave a fake name but after the media and the cops put his photo everywhere he was identified) also fell injured from the bullets of the cops and was arrested while the other comrade managed to get away after stealing the police car and dragging a cop for a while, dumping it two kilometres away (good luck comrade!). Theofilos is now hospitalized, with the anti-terrorist cops in his room and outside.



Announcement of the Revolutionary Organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

“I thought that if I ran up and fell on the barbwires, even if they did not bend, again I wouldn’t regret anything. Even if the bullets of the cops stopped my course, the cloth of my coat would be caught in the spiky wires and when they would arrest me, they would take it down, but they would not manage to remove all the threads from the wires. And the wires would fall and rust, but the threads would still be there, it would be my outline, a mark that there is still people, that even today fight for the revolution. This is the live picture of a person that ran up to freedom instead of giving up to silence and the resignation of our times. It is a clear trace from the future of a better world…”

Dedicated to the Comrade who was injured in a shoot-out with cops in the Pefki area.

From inside prison we send our whole hearted and unlimited solidarity and support.

R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire



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