Words from imprisoned Greek comrades regarding Mauricio Morales (Greece, Chile)

Compañeros, this was never just a single moment. It has not past. It is never forgotten. Something is always left behind. When negation becomes a conscience decision, and these decisions lead to action, they become wild acts. Not events with a beginning and an end, nor a tragic loss, a torch. A torch that with great courage will light new revolutionary circles, new bodies who actively practice disobedience and are not seduced by an artificial life, light new paths where chaos will grow and realize that which we so impatiently propose. Whats more, something always stays. It is said that ideas are indelible. Here, there, everywhere. Not only for us but everyone. Every one of us forever. Now we have to continue on, walking forward.

Compañero, thousands of kilometers and many oceans separate us. And without a doubt we are strengthened by your memory, we are filled with courage because you have fallen for something so common: the destruction of this world.

The present is sick, but it has not been infected with a disease that has spread to your being. It became sick in its creation, whats more, this disease only effects its creators with the virus of society, of social evolution, of the imposition of relations leaden with power by groups on other groups, and by people on other people.

This is why with your death our steps of war become a continuance of yours, a coup de grace of the social creation. Until everyone can for themselves and all of us together, comrades who have passed and those who have yet to come, close the eyes of your soul less body with satisfaction.

From the other side of the world, inside some Greek cells on a night like this, we think of you, embracing chaos before we sleep.

The star of Mauricio lights our struggle.

Skuludis Yanis
Tsilianidis Mpampis
Tzifkas Sokratis
Dimtsiadis Dimitris

Avlona prison.
Koridalos prison.
Mayo 22, 2011



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