Legal process for Silvia, Costa and Billy, imprisoned eco-anarchists (Switzerland)

Date for the judgment against our comrades Silvia, Costa and Billy in Switzerland.

The judgment against Silvia, Costa and Billy is fixed for the days between 18 and 22 of July, 2011. The presiding judge of the court restricted their correspondence even more, reducing the amount of letters per week which they can receive to 2, and restricting to 2 letters per week that they can send (before it was 3 and 3 per week).

The proximity of the beginning of the judgment and the limitation of the correspondence are another step towards the objective of the office of the public prosecutor and that they never obtained in more than a year of trying to make communication difficult to and preventing the collaboration between the interior and outside, attempting to stop participation in the struggle.

In view of the hearings, the imperative of the inquisitors is to prevent the organization of events and the communication between the co-accused, so that the process is carried out in a pacific and democratic way. We want to reiterate that it is important that we do what we can to feel and express our solidarity with Silvia, Costa and Billy, because this judgment is not as if nothing has happened, because we remember strongly that when they strike one of us, they strike all of us.

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