Health Update, Communiques & Posters for Injured Comrade Luciano Tortuga (Chile)

Update: Luciano has awoken from the coma.

Received from ArdoMoyana Records:

Sisters and brothers, painfully and ever alert to the developments of Luciano’s condition, we can’t sit idly. We make a call to show solidarity in every way possible with Luciano. That’s why we designed these posters*, to call for solidarity without limits.

We take advantage of telling you that Luciano NOT LOST HIS EYES. He has been seriously injured, but has not gone blind.

Cheers for you,
Solidarity for Luciano.

*email ardemoyanorecords_at_bastardi.net for Spanish and Italian versions.

From Liberacion Total. Traducción al Ingles por War On Society:

Luciano was transferred yesterday, in life-threatening condition, from the Posta Central to Indisa Clinic, to the Critical Care Unit, where he remains under constant police surveillance. The comrade received the support of some people who came to the hospital before he was transferred, some shouting slogans and maintaining the climate of tension due to the presence of police.

Tortuga still remains in an induced coma and it has been his family that has specifically asked that no kind of information be released to the press.

The information about his health status is reserved, the clinic is forbidden to talk about it; we know that in addition to the amputation of his hands, they have conducted an exam on his corneas, which responded in a good way and would indicate that there might not be total loss of vision. In addition to the burns on his body and face, has serious burns to his lungs due to inhalation of hot air, compromising his respiratory paths.

Yesterday they found the motorcycle in which Luciano allegedly had reached the scene of action with another person to carry out the attack. It was transferred by GOPE (Police Special Operations Group), which are conducting operations.

While they try to link him with the comrades implicated in the bombs case, we note the desperation of the government in trying to get the most they can out of this. The press, as is always expected, has been given charge of publishing news with respect to the goal of starting to arm the territory. Tortuga is a person of ideas and conviction, not a link in his supposed association.

Solidarity with comrade Luciano

Communiqué from Liberación Total:

Solidarity with the comrade Luciano “Tortuga,” injured in action against the system

The early and abrupt beginning of the day brought us a deep blow as we learned that a comrade was gravely injured and in the hands of police after prematurely installing an explosive device. The action was an attack on a symbol of society based on exploiting life in exchange for money and subjugation—a bank.

As expected, the press had a feast looking for images to transmit, among mourning family members and friends. The members of the press have a morbid ability to convert everything into news; they get in the way at every moment to take a photo that will make their name known to the vultures. This will not be forgotten.

There are those who will ask: What brings a young person to risk their life in an action such as this, only to affirm their convictions and ideas? Without a doubt to the majority, this hardly matters, because they are afraid to risk the little that they have The majority live in submission to the machinery of work and consumption. They are comfortable in the life as spectators where they see that others are worse off, and this calms and comforts them.

Luciano Tortuga, like the comrade liked to be called, is a young person who made one of the most difficult decisions, one that many criticize and few are able to step up and act upon—a decision to engage in direct action against the machinery of domination.

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Animals and the earth are murdered under the same idea that everything is part of the marketplace, a world where everyday is more artificial and controlled by the powerful. In his daily life, the comrade did regular things like a have vegan diet, reject consumerism, and spread ideas through publications. He is a warrior in self-determination, never a solider who followed orders.

The pain in our hearts is inevitable at this moment. The comrade is injured with an uncertain future. The walls of the hospital are his cage, accompanied by mercenaries (cops) who are waiting to take advantage of the situation. Two years from the death of Mauri (anarchist combatant who died in action) another accident brings us a blow, while the prosecutors divide us in an empty investigation.

The call is to stay attentive and not leave the comrade alone. It should be known that Tortuga is not alone, because independent of knowing him or not, the wild sprit and desire for total liberation bring us together.

Tortuga, our hears are with you.
Silence will shelter the traitors, direct solidarity with the comrade.

Revenge for Mauri and Tortuga.

-Rebels at war-

communiques source: anarchistnews


We bring the heartbreaking news that Luciano “Tortuga” Pitronello Schuffeneger was gravely injured during an action involving an explosive device.

During the early hours of Wednesday, June 1, Luciano Tortuga was placing the device outside of a bank, while it was unoccupied before the start of the day, and the device prematurely exploded. He lost his vision and one of his hands. Luciano is in critical condition, and he may also have his arms amputated.

The incident comes in the wake of a long investigation by the Chilean state, which the press has declared “Caso Bombas.” Fourteen anarchists were charged with conspiracy in connection to the wave of non-lethal explosive attacks. Many of the fourteen comrades spent almost a year in detention during a period of investigation. As the prosecution was unable to provide any real evidence, the comrades were placed on house arrest while the case was brought to trial.

An anarchist combatant, Mauricio Morales, died during an action involving an explosive device on May 22, 2009. Both Mauri and Luciano, remind us that the conflict is beyond guilt and innocence. The fourteen anarchists are not being tried in the “Caso Bombas” for their presumed guilt. If the Chilean state had solid evidence, the case would have ended long ago. Instead, the comrades are facing charges to punish our entire community.

There are those who would have us believe that the domination of the state would simply wither away if we were to change our social relationships. Community spaces are crucial to support ourselves; however, capital is built on a regime of violence. People with power will not allow it to simply wither away. We are at war.

We defend Mauri and Luciano, because they are our combatants. We defend the fourteen anarchists charged in the “Caso Bombas,” because they are a part of our community. They are not being charged for specific actions, but instead for their ideas and militancy.

Solidarity with Tortuga!
Immediate freedom for the fourteen anarchist comrades!
Long live Mauri!

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