Action Days in Solidarity with Nizhny Novgorod Anti-Fascists : June 24-26 (Russia)

At the present moment the detectives of the Anti-Extremist Center of GUVD (General Directorate of Internal Affairs) of Nizhniy Novgorod Region, are fabricating a criminal case against Artem Bystrov, who was arrested on April 26,2011. He is accused of the article № 213 part 2 (hooliganism committed by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement by hatred or hostility toward a particular social group).

Two of the other suspects have not been arrested yet. It is worth noting that the victim himself — a nationalist called D.Redkin, doesn’t press any charges to the people arrested on April 26 and refuses to take part in the process.

The case was filed seven months after an alleged violent attack. It was filed by pressure on the victim and the witness. The investigation is proceeded with gross violations and falsification of evidence. For example, during the searches the membership cards of a non-existing organisation “RASH-Antifa” with photos and serial numbers, evidently made by Center “E” (Anti-Extremist Center) detectives, were planted in suspects’ homes.

Disseminate this information as wide as possible. Organise the solidarity actions!

More about the case

On April 26, 2011, in the morning, six young people, among them a girl, were arrested by Center “E” detectives (so-called “Anti-Extremist” cops). Five Nizhny Novgorod citizens were rummaged at their homes, one of the flats was stormed by OMON (Special Police Squad), the windows were broken because nobody was at home.

Artem Bystrov, who was arrested on April 26, 2011, by Center “E” detectives on this fabricated criminal case told his lawyer : “About 8.30 am Center “E” detectives came to me at my job and took me to their office. There (at the Center “E” office) I was threatened with being sent to prison, they demanded from me to tell them who attacked Redkin. I told them I didn’t know and they answered that they would tell me whom to give evidence against. I refused to do it. The trial put me under home arrest. They boldly fabricated the case on me only because I refused to ‘give’ false evidence which Center “E” detectives had prepared beforehand, the witness was forced to point at me. Even supposing I really had made this crime, the witness wouldn’t be able to remember me after six months. I saw how the witness shivered; when he pointed at me, he was hiding his eyes and blushed because he knew that I was innocent. “

From April 27 till now Artem Bystrov is under home arrest. During this time he is prohibited from leaving his home and to communicate with anyone.

At the present moment money for the lawyer and your support are required. The number of Yandex account is: 41001681003730

Officially the case is proceeding by the initiative of the Central Investigation Department in GUVD in Nizhny Novgorod Region. Last week another fabricated case was filed on Artem. He is accused of attacking a Neo-Nazi called Alexin (“Simpson”) and his girlfriend Gorelova on a bus № 85 on June 23, 2010.

It is worth noting that “Simpson” is Redkin’s close friend and had joined him in attacking Uzbeks and antifascists. In order to avoid responsibility for his actions, “Simpson” began to cooperate with Center “E” of GUVD in Nizhny Novgorod Region.

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Solidarity with Artem Bystrov and persecuted Anti-Fascists of Nizhny Novgorod region.

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