Letter from Errikos Rallis, accused member of the C.C.F. (Greece)

Once someone approached a priest and asked him to confess in order to receive a pardon of sins. When he was asked of the sin that he committed he replied “simple slandering”. The priest said that he cannot do anything about this. Then he wondered how can a rapist or a murderer receive a pardon and not him.

The priest proposed to him to take a pillow, go to the top of a mountain, tear it apart with a knife and after scattering all the feathers in the air, pick them up again one by one and put them back in the pillowcase. Only then can he do something for him.

Concerning the incident that took place on 7/6/211 in the court of Koridallos prisons, if only it was just this. Profiling, misinformation, imagination, scenarios, speculations, prosecutions, charges, warrants, photographs, TV-trials, lies and other things.

Incidents I see many, and I read even more.

Errikos Rallis

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