Misinformation regarding Anti-fascist comrade Petr Silaev (Belgium, Russia)

325 receives and transmits the following message from ABC Moscow:

As a member of ABC-Moscow I want to note that the information that’s been circulated through Russian and Belarus-speaking anarchist sites (and, recently), through international sites of our movement, is not accurate.

Our friends in Europe have reported that Petr Silaev, who was supposedly arrested in Belgium, is free (at the moment, at least).

Here are two links on the issue:

Unfortunately, both are in Russian, but hope you’ll be able to translate them. Anyway, the news on his detention are a hoax and we suspect Russian secret service FSB and maybe Ministry of Interior Affairs (Police) to be behind them.

So please, if it is possible, notify other resources that Russian antifascist Petr Silaev is still free and well.

ABC Moscow may be able to come up with a statement of sorts at a later date, but so far we ask that all news of the detainment be removed.

P.S. We do look forward to any acts against French-based corporation Vinci that is the only international institution taking part in destroying of Khimki forest and certainly we’re not against any acts of solidarity with Petr (who is a political fugitive), or acts of outrage against Russian Federation, but the original idea of our comrade being captured is … well… wrong. He is not.

Fraternal anarchist greetings, ABC-Moscow.

Hope we can answer any questions via e-mail: abc-msk (at) riseup.net

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