Anti-info / Subversive / Network

(a data network for direct action)

(a media framework for social war)

(the refusal of fixed territory)

” … So we went into creative obscurity in order to re-emerge more capable, more dangerous.”
Sect of Revolutionaries

325 24/7 newswire is slowing down considerably, but will remain open for online contributions from those in struggle through our contact page. 325 will continue to report important, unnoticed and marginalised resistance news that has not been published elsewhere. Our distro section will also continue to be slowly updated with a number of interesting classical releases and new publications.

This temporary hiatus is firstly due to the Autumnal release of 325 #9, the free yearly PDF download of the international magazine of social war and anarchy, which is printed hard-copy in numerous places by nameless revolutionaries world-wide. Secondly, this hiatus is generated by a period of organisational and methodological reflection and consolidation, as our decentralised network enters a new phase of subversive publishing and auto-production. 325 #9 will be available as a free online download and in paper format soon..

For continuous 24/7 resistance news, view the web-portals of our affinities projects, (actforfreedomnow, angry news, bite back, blackblog, contra-info, culmine, hommodolars, informa-azione, this is our job, war on society, viva la anarquia, etc).

Information war is our gift and weapon, always aiming to develop the actions, concepts and explorations, until freedom, never ceasing.

We affirm as open, the methods of affinity group action along informal federative principles, for new individuals to take, practice and experiment as theirs : propaganda by deed; revolutionary anarchist illegalism; destructive negation of the false society; embrace of new technologies of communication, publishing, distribution, attack and subversion; mutual aid; voluntary co-operation; free exchange; etc.

Over the last few years, the informal insurrectional tendency has developed lines of translation and transmission of methods of attack and news of repression leading to international revolutionary solidarity campaigns and a global linking of worldwide struggles. 325 was set up to facilitate such global networking. The 17th January call by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire for an Informal Anarchist Federation (Global) / International Revolutionary Front was one such successful result of this globalisation of resistance.

Still, there is much to be done for our street level spreading of the project. We must be disciplined with ourselves because technology and information are also viruses that can ensnare us and threaten to absorb us into their own stratagem in which we end up replicating a cybernetic version of reality. We have looked at the work of 325 and although we respect what it has achieved, we also see that as the social war escalates, we have to develop our organisational capabilities, if we are going to be true to the responsibilities we feel we undertake by speaking of social war and revolution.

From this pregnant pause we send our respect and solidarity to all the prisoners of the war for total freedom, and all the anarchist/autonomous/anti-civilisation direct action groups who risk their lives and their freedom in the attack against dominion.

For global co-ordination of our anarchic forces towards the aim of mass insurrection against the capitalist system and the environmental collapse it has created.

For the continuation of our destructive revolutionary project.

Nothing ends – Everything begins.

325 / Anti-Copyright Network

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