‘This is an insurrection of the masses of the people’ (UK)

In the video above, Darcus Howe, writer and broadcaster, names the 2011 UK riots an ‘insurrection of the masses of the people’ on the BBC. In this important turn in the discourse on the 2011 riots, Darcus Howe also links these events with those in Port of Spain Trinidad, Syria and other parts of the world. As shown in the link below he refers to the violence as the ‘nature of the historical moment’. Darcus Howe, as part of the Mangrove Nine, was acquitted decades ago of trumped up, racially motivated charges of “rioting”. The BBC will not repeat this video.

All across the UK over the last few days, a large section of people, many of them young but not only, have ignited their rage against the police, after the shooting of Mark Duggan, a man from Tottenham in London, by armed police. The lies of the media and the hypocrisy of the politicians has shown their complete lack of connection to the street-level. The people have taken the initiative to violently attack the police and loot shops and stores, in an uncontrollable and often anti-social chaos which has had complex and different results, not least to bring out the reactionary citizens who have allied themselves with the system.

Above : Riot cops in Manchester brutally attack teenagers on BMXs during the disturbances

Above : Police station in Nottingham attacked by young people

Above : Riots in St Pauls and Stokes Croft 9.8.11 Cars torched, police attacked with bottles, bricks and other projectiles. Jewellery shop attacked and looted in expensive shopping district (Bristol).

More info here from the activists of UK – Round up of articles and analysis on the Riot (London IMC)

A few of the reported attacks:

Eon vehicle torched in Bristol riots

BBC Radio transmission mast destroyed by fire in Bristol

Bristol Evening Post building attacked by Vandals

More Bristol direct action

Five police stations attacked in Nottingham

Some acts of International Solidarity

Incendiary attack on two vans of the energy multinational GDF Suez in Madrid (Spain)

Solidarity from Greece to England’s revolutionary fighters

Greece : Solidarity DEMO in Athens by Anarchists

Solidarity demonstration

Today [11, 8, 11] at 19.00, in Syntagma (Athens) square will start a demonstration for solidarity to all fighters of England’s streets.The demo will go to UK embassy and is organised by anarchist group.
Greetings from Greece – The strongest muscle is the heart.

Demo report here

Solidarity action in Saloniki and Veroia

Berlin poster soli – Germany

Bank smashed in Berlin

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