Punk comrade Juan arrested for stealing gasoline (Italy)

The 29th of August a Spanish comrade was arrested. Juan and another friend were stopped by police. The charge against them is the stealing of 70lt of gasoline from an ‘Anas’ building site near Susa (Torino). They were both brought to the Valley. After a few days Enrico was released and Juan was confirmed in prison.

In recent months Juan was in Chiomonte fighting against the TAV (high-speed train). He’s a spectacular comrade and a fantastic friend… We don’t have to leave him alone!

Anger grows more and more…

Solidarity and anger against every cages!

And, as he always says:
“Un saludo punk- ningún lamento – a cabeza (cresta) alta !! -“

Juan Antonio Sorroche Fernandez

c/o Casa Circondariale Lorusso Cotugno
via Pianezza 300
10151 Torino – Italy

Ps. In 2008, when he was in the jail of Poggioreale (after what happened in Bologna the 13th Oct 2007), police blocked every letter written in Spanish. Because of this, we have to ask him if he receives letters in Spanish, but before this information comes out, it might be better to write to him in Italian (To repeat: this is only an opinion/fear because of the past).


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