Words of support to R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and all imprisoned revolutionary anarchists from Conspiracy of Cells of Fire: Russian Cell / FAI-IRF (Russia)

While reading letters written by imprisoned comrades and their communiques, we can feel with all our hearts their hatred towards status quo, their anxiety to create another world by destroying this one. Each line of such texts flows like a stream through your veins. It gets right to the core and stays forever in your soul.

While walking down cold and dark streets of the metropolises, we never forget about hundreds of imprisoned comrades and thousands who have died. Sorrow mixed with anger channeled through a prism of revolutionary consciousness give us a huge pulse to make revolution a reality.

When void and terror of this world suddenly close in, it’s sometimes difficult to keep your stance and not to fall into pits of apathy and depression. And only bright rays of ever-shining starlight pierce darkness and give hope. Every day they keep our intent to act warm, each day they breath new life into our willingness to change this world for better, to become better ourselves. The star is called Solidarity.

Fiery words from flaming Greece drive the chill away during cold Russian winters. We’ve never seen you, and, chances are, we’ll never see you, comrades. But you are closer to us than thousands of people we’ve got to know during our short lives.

Our warm words will be making a long and twisted journey. They are running wild through Russian woods, immolating construction vehicles, they soar high above grey streets of Athens, igniting them with flames of burning police stations. And finally through prison bars they’ll get into Your cells, mocking all security measures.

While making our most sincere dreams come true on the concrete streets of the metropolises, we came to call each other friends. We found people who we can count upon in any situation. People so close, we can share everything we have with each other.

Power tries isolate and crush our resistance, to pick us off one-by-one. They want to instill feelings of paranoia and mistrust. But they will fail. In spite of their expectations, we became even more closer to each other.

And while our activity puts us in grave danger, we still dream of a day, when we shall gather again as family. We will be drinking herbal tea that we’ve gathered with our own hands and sharing our plans with smiles and laughter.”

And exchanging tales of our exploits. And this day is not far off.

We hope that soon enough you’ll be able to give hugs to all your friends as well.

And to get back on the road of adventure. We throw our fists up for you and wish you freedom. Flaming salutes and fiery hugs. And remember, you are not alone in this struggle!

Informal Anarchist Federation International Revolutionary Front, Conspiracy of Cells of Fire: Russian Cell

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