International call for solidarity with Zerman Elias – 7/2/12 (Chile)

From culmine, translated by war on society:

Zerman Elias was arrested on September 22nd after having thrown a molotov cocktail at a gas-projecting truck of the riot police. This action was within the context of revolt after a student march. Zerman is arrested by three bastards of the carbineros [military police] who were dressed as demonstrators and after the attack tackled the comrade.

Zerman was interrogated by “intelligence” agents and they questioned him about persons, inviting him the whole time to collaborate in order to save his skin, but the compa disdained the dialogue with the bastards and kept silent without even giving his name.

We remember that Power made much allusion to the origin of the comrade, for having been born in the territory dominated by the Bolivian State. In a clear xenophobic and racist play, spreading the message that immigrants should be calm to not be imprisoned and extradited.

The day of Tuesday February 27 the abbreviated trial against the compa will be held, for the charges of “public disorder,” “possession of incendiary device” and “damages” against a police vehicle.

The case of us three due to not having prior criminal records, at the moment of being eventually sentenced we will not return to prison and will remain on “guarded freedom” [probation] for the length of the sentence, as is the case with the compa Francisco Moreno.

We have say it before, we do not recognize their tribunals nor their judges that come to sermonize to us. We are proud of who we are and they will never see us kiss the boot of repentance. They can dictate sentences to try to domesticate our will, but they will only waste their time. Like the rivers in periods of rain, the more they try to control them, the cause exceeds all limits and continues its course because it is wild.

We make a call to international solidarity, since Power seeks to punish a common praxis that all of us warriors spread across the world have. Forms of solidarity are many, each individuality or collectivity will see which it decides to employ, from banners to graffiti and from the rock against the window to the heat of the molotov.

May our enemy know that it is not so easy to come and judge a comrade, and may no one feel alone. That is the invitation, to all the indomitables who we do not know, but who have been a pleasant accompaniment in these months of captivity. Your texts and gestures that arrive from distant and nearby lands are for us strength and joy that remind us that we are not alone.

Never defeated, never repentant!
Solidarity with all the prisoners of war!
Strength to the fugitive comrades!

Group of Political Prisoners of the Struggle in the Streets
Gonzalo Zapata
Cristóbal Franke
Zerman Elias

PS: As part of this call to international solidarity for Tuesday February 7, Cristobal and Gonzalo will do a voluntary fast for the duration of the day.

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