NO TAV – Arrests and denunciations throughout the country (Italy)

From informa-azione:

NB: The TAV is the destructive European High-Speed Railway mega-project of capitalist development which is fought across many territories. You can find the addresses of the prisoners below.

26/01/2012 – At 6:30 this morning, Thursday, January 26, 2012, a vast police operation ordered by the Public prosecutor of Turin has struck many friends, comrades, and No TAV resisters throughout Italy with arrests and cautionary measures. The practices of resistance that set off this massive operation concern conflictual episodes starting from the eviction of the Libera Repubblica della Maddalena [Free Republic of the Magdalene], passing through the siege of July 3 and the long Susa Valley summer. Of the more than 40 measures, 25 are remands in prison, 15 measures of mandatory residence, 1 detention under house arrest and 1 prohibition of residence in the province of Turin.

The arrest warrants total 32 (some local media report 26).

From Biella we learn of one measure of obligation of residence and of a minor being held at the police station.

From Milan comes news of 5 arrest warrants, 3 of which have been carried out (including Maurizio and Stefano).

From Rovereto we learn of the arrest of Juan.

The number of arrests and charges in Piedmont is not yet clear. In addition to Gabriela, for whose arrest they broke into El Paso, and Maja, we have reports of some arrests made at several homes in Turin and in the Susa Valley, militants of Askatasuna social centre (George, Jacob and Luke), Tobias Mauro, Guido (councillor of Villar Focchiardo) and in the squat in via Muriaglio (Mambo). Also searches of Barocchio. In the morning the occupants of the Mezcal climbed on to the roof when the police arrived; after a few hours and the arrival of solidarity, they came down to receive notifications of denunciation. The police stayed at the Mezcal until 13.00 looking for clothing, helmets and other equipment. Some No TAV resisters taken to police headquarters this morning have been released following notification of charges; entry to their home was made, it seems, using the 41 TULPS (search for weapons and explosives). Two No TAV affected by provisional measures remain unaccounted for. Samuel was arrested in Asti. From Rome comes news of 2 arrests. An arrest in Genoa. Antonio arrested in Pistoia. In Naples, the former home of Alessio was searched as well as the anarchist space 76 A.

From Bologna we receive:
The wave of repression against the movement has also struck in Bologna:
Right now it seems that the situation in the capital of Emilia is 3 raids, 2 against anarchists and one against an activist of the TPO, also hit with an obligation to remain outside the region. One of the searches against the anarchists, in the presence of Rizzoli himself (Bologna, head of the political police, Digos) was very brutal until the arrival of a lawyer.The comrades were then taken to police headquarters for fingerprints and photographs and were charged. To them, as well as to all those detained, subjected to precautionary measures or raided, all our solidarity..

It is clear that in times of increasing poverty, in which a “technical government” has been called to prevent any situation of real struggle, this wave of repression is a warning. Who commands us would like to instill fear, instilling despair and fomenting division in those who struggle in the Susa Valley and anywhere else.

Finally, it is urgent to underline that these searches in Bologna insert themselves in a period of particular repressive recrudescence and doggedness of the police against anarchists and anyone who has chosen the rejection of any form of mediation or recognition by the institutions.

After the closing of the anarchist circle Fuoriluogo and the arrests in April, those of July 3 in the Susa Valley, they have continued to rain down accusations and court cases that in other circumstances would never have gone to trial. To that should be added a dozen ‘new’ verbal warnings, about twenty expulsion orders, two attempts to deal out special surveillance, and continuous controls by the Digos sometimes with threatening and violent behaviour also ending up with nights spent at the police station.

Anarchists in Bologna


Alessio Del Sordo – C.C. via Pianezza 300 – 10151 Torino

Matteo “Mambo” Grieco – C.R. San Michele – Strada Statale 31 – 15100 Alessandria

Maurizio Ferrari – Carcere San Vittore – Piazza Filangeri 2 – 20123 Milano

Marcelo Damian Jara Marin – Carcere San Vittore – Piazza Filangeri 2 – 20123 Milano

Gabriele Filippi – Carcere di Marassi – Piazzale Marassi 2 – 16139 Genova

Giorgio Rossetto – C.R. – loc. Cascina Felicina via Regioni Bronda 19/b – 12037 Saluzzo (CN)

Luca Cientanni – C.C. corso Vercelli 165 – 10015 Ivrea (To)

Juan Antonio Sorroche Fernandez – C.C. – Via Beccaria, 13 – Loc. Spini di Gardolo – 38014 Gardolo – TN

Antonio Ginetti – Casa Circondariale – Via dei Macelli 13 – 51100 Pistoia – Riesame

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