3rd Anarchist Series of Gatherings happened at Etniko Bandido Infoshop (Philippines)

3rd Anarchist Series of Gatherings happened at Etniko bandido Infoshop is quite a success. Almost 20 people came to participate in this event from freelance artist to the volunteers of Food Not Bombs and some close friends. Even some foreign visitors who are in the Philippines for a holiday gave their time to witness this small but informative activity.

Some artist who made an 5”x7”inches artwork display their magnificent master pieces on the wall of the space for public viewing so the people will have a chance for a free look and appreciate art at its best.

A couple from Marinduque Indymedia Center gave a workshop and present a film/documentation about their travel in three different side of Asia such as Thailand, Indonesia and Japan as part of their ASIA INDY TEST Project. The film interview that their document in one of the Anti-Authoritarian Gathering in Medan,
Indonesia which they show to us was a bit inspiring. They share their experiences on this supposedly one week activity and made a lot of comments regarding the event. Also a film about their talk in one of the conference in Thailand was also good. After the film presentation a video/photography workshops takes place. The workshop did not go any further but still it was nice that somehow we learn so much despite of a short time workshop.

After all of this informative presentation and skill sharing activity, an awaiting party heads on till midnight.

check this site: dissentingvoices.org/etnikobandido/

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