NO TAV – 'Rebel or Fuck Off' by comrades of Bologna (Italy)

This is a communiqué written by comrades in Bologna:

Rebel or fuck off

On 27th June the forces of order evicted the Free Republic of the Maddalena [in Val Susa] in order to start the works for the construction of the high speed railway. Hundreds of NO TAV people opposed directly the military occupation of the territory. On 3rd July 70,000 people assaulted the TAV yard in Val Susa. A very special yard, as no worker could be found there but antiriot troops and police were entrenched there. This is an outstanding example of devastation of the environment, and of the interests of big capital and the mafia that goes along it. On 26th January the State arrested 32 comrades all over Italy ‘for the events of those days’. An operation that means just one thing: active resistance against infrastructures, powers, armed forces and institutions that rape and impoverish the planet is considered illegal.

In fact this police operation is the climax of a series of repressive attacks that started in Bologna last April and carried on in Florence and Cuneo in the following months, and in Modena these last days. The goal is always the same: to totally eliminate all realities and individuals in struggle against the oppression that banks, governments and bosses impose every day; to prevent these realities and individuals from joining the struggles that are now on the increase; to put a spoke in the wheel of movements that have already undertaken trajectories of conflict, like the movement against the TAV.

Not by chance these arrests came at a particular time of social unrest, which started off with the movement of the ‘Forconi’ in Sicily last week.
Italy is on the verge of a generalized revolt. The blockades of lorry drivers on the highways and the protests in Sicily and Sardinia demonstrate that capitalism can be brought on its knees, and finally annihilated by the joint action of more individuals. In this context of economic depression any person who individually or collectively opposes the system is considered a criminal, and gets arrested and repressed.

What is happening in Italy and every day in Bologna is a striking example of police state, of terrorist authority that has originated with a pact between the State and capital, businessmen and cops. When single individuals active in the struggle are taken away from their home, threatened, imprisoned, when the Digos [political police] check all your moves every day, and all your actions can become crime because you are a rebel, antagonist, anarchist, a NO TAV activist: this is a police state.

If we don’t become aware of what is going on, if we don’t open our eyes on the authoritative reality in which we’ve sunk into, future for all will be a historic repetition of what happened in the last century.

While indignation leads to pacific protests outside the institutions and to ridiculous requests of insolvency and reforms, capital and its watchdogs are slowly devouring us, by taking our freedom away and excluding troublesome individuals from this false and ephemeral society.

And all this is taking place under our nose, right when we are caught off guard by spontaneous explosions of protest, which we’ve seen destabilizing several areas of the country in these days.

Far from choosing resignation we can only gather that it is time we took the streets more than ever, without further delay generated by asphyxiating analysis on the existent.

Let’s mix with the struggles brought about by this crisis, let’s widen the struggles underway, let’s merge together in the neighbourhoods in conflict and in any critical situation, let’s consolidate and re-establish links of solidarity among the exploited: to build projects for the general spreading of dissent and practices of revolt, for the subversion of the system and social revolution.

Let’s re-launch the struggle strongly, in solidarity with those arrested on 26th January and with all the hostages of the State.
No cage or power can stop the desire for freedom.

Speed ahead!

Comrades from Bologna

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