Anti-Prison Gathering, Nottingham, 28th-29th April, 2012

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This year on the 28th and 29th of April there will be an Anti-Prison gathering in Nottingham.

We are organising this gathering not with the intention of forming another organisation which will stagger and fall almost immediately. But in order for those of us of an anti-state and anti-capitalist position towards the prison society may for one weekend share our experiences and understandings of the current situation.

This is a call out for structured presentations. If you or your friends wish to present your ideas around any of the following then please get in touch.

– Solidarity actions, What do they mean? What are they for? How will they spread?

– Dissemination of ideas against the prison society?

– The intensification of social struggle means greater numbers will be imprisoned. How are anti-authoritarians to engage with this?

– Technology. What new technology is being developed and where is being used already?

– Industrial prison complex/Privatisation of uk prisons.

– What have we learnt from the last two years of more generalised struggle? How can antagonism against the prison industry help us further this struggle?

– Why is anti-prison analysis so much more prevalent in mainland Europe? What can the movement in the UK learn from elsewhere?

– Individual cases of repression and how they link up with the wider context.

Contact antiprison2012@riseup.net

In solidarity,

some people.

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