Montevideo: What is an empty place but an opportunity? (Uruguay)

by periodicoanarquia:

What is an empty place but an opportunity?

A place recently abandoned by an Non-Governmental Organisation, where before children were enclosed, children living there without a patio or necessary health, was taken for us to give life, but not just any life. What we call living is far from the ideals that politicians spread, it is far from the ideals of capitalist life that benefits the rich and all that their supporters are bent to maintain.

It is not based on authority or proposed that anyone who has more money gets more amenities.

In fact, and frankly, it objects and faces that model. There is an idea which we have finished, completed, by those unfortunates who must necessarily accept the plans of the States or the churches. It is rather a proposal, a proposal to seek. Looking for what?, new ways of relating. Our ideas are driven by years of experience and also if there will be much new so old, much of the usual. We are part of those who have fought anywhere and fight for a world different and better. We are part of the wild, of free, daily rebellion, beautiful anywhere. The doors that we are conditioning to all lock ourselves not to think about as you might live better but to enhance it open and effectively.

A tool of the struggles that exist, support for those to come.

With collective decisions, agreed by all space is built to enhance the agreement and walk away free as possible of relations mediated by money. We have a project. An unfinished project and structured, a project that can not be reduced to match programs or policies of the State, a project as infinite and boundless, as that of freedom.

The State is based on the strength and expression of obedience as the law. This is a type of rule that has basically two specific components, it belongs to a system of authority, vertical organization and if not obeyed, provides for a penalty, a punishment.

We rely on free agreement, colleagues and partners in a free and thoughtful decision-making process on how to act, everyone is free to do so and responsible to themself and others. We seek and we promote relationships without coercion and remain undaunted by the abuse of anyone. Freedom requires action, we are of those who get it.

As stated, a void can be just that, a place without anything or anyone, or it can be an opportunity, a unique opportunity.

La Solidaria
(Fernandez Crespo 1813).

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