A dignified comrade passes away … (Japan)

Received from anarchist comrade in Osaka:

On the evening of 28 Feb 2012, an old leftist-commandante telefoned me about old comrade ‘A’… He shortly told me about his situation:

A friend of comrade ‘A’ visited him on the afternoon of 28 Feb 2012, however, he did not reply at all. Then the visitor tried to say “wake up” to him again and again, but comrade ‘A’ did not wake up forever… On the morning of 28 Feb, temperature of Osaka was -3C degrees. Ja, it was so cold morning. By that morning, I worked on a roadside at the foot of Ikoma mountain…
So, I really know about it.

… First time I met Comrade ‘A’ he was living near Nagai stadium with his cardboard house in Nagai park… then, on a night of Oct 2001 at a street-corner of Harinakano street we met and talked so many things… and ate an instant noodle with him.

From 1 Jan 2002, comrade ‘A’ joined the RE-ORGANIZED “Association of poor people in Nagai park (=nagai-kouen-nakama-no-kai)”, and at the same time, we engaged in re-building the Nagai park tent village. On 4 Jan 2002, 11 homeless comrades living in Nagai stadium faced the “crisis of sweeping out” by cold-blooded city officers of the Osaka city southern district park office. When comrade ‘A’ organized the 11 homeless comrades to resist this cold-blooded eviction for a fuckin’ sports event (Osaka female marathon etc.) from year’s end of 2001, comrades of Nagai park tent village tried to support his efforts. So, on 4 Jan 2002, we stormed into the park office, and we strongly demanded city officers to hold a meeting about their evil politics. By 8 Feb 2002, the resistance was continued… However, on a cold www.buyativanstore.com evening of Feb 2002 at Nagai stadium, comrade ‘A’ suddenly fell down with a myocardial infection, and carried to an hospital… Then, the resistance struggle against the eviction was over. In the early spring of 2002, comrade ‘A’ returned to Nagai park tent village. At the same time, he engaged in supporting the activities of Nagai park tent village. Comrade ‘A’ got a welfare and he got his room near by Nagai park. From that day, his room became the oasis for the persons getting the hard situation until the final stopping place of his life on 28 Feb 2012…

Comrade ‘A’ has been loved as a supporter of Nagai park tent village, and also has engaged in doing the right things as an activist of the RE-ORGANIZED “Association of poor people in nagai park”. Ja, he has been respected by all of “nakama-no-kai”, homeless comrades facing the hard situations & most of homeless liberation activists for over 10 years. So, he met many visitors (even from abroad). He is an “AMAMIN-CHU” (people living in amami-ooshima island, kagoshima pref).

At first, I could not believe about the ending of his life… however, tonight, at last I met comrade ‘A’ at a room. He slept his body in coffin made from wood. After I met him, I went to some places. The last place was his room… in front of his room, I saw a sign written by him on the small window:
“do not disturb!!”
Ok, I never disturb your precious sleeping forever… I must know he passed away…

Anyway, most of his friends and I lost a best comrade of our lives. Thanx.

1 March 2012/ a dayworker

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