Fascist-Skinhead music and clothing stall gets a new paint-job : Bristol (UK)

From Bristol IMC:

Local antifascists took action yesterday [10 March 2012] with a paint attack on The Last Resort skinhead music and clothing stall on Corn Street. This business is run by Chris Pugh, a fascist skinhead and member of the English Defence League, and is being used to provide a platform for racist, fascist ideology under the cover of being “just about the music”. We thought it could do with a bit of an antifascist redecoration. The merchandise got absolutely trashed and we had no trouble from the “tough guy” skinhead behind the stall. While we understand that it will take more than a red and black wash to persuade these bigotted idiots about the error of their ways, we think it’s a good starting contribution to the sort of dialogue we’re prepared for with fascists in Bristol.

The EDL have announced that Bristol is one of their targetted cities for a national march this year. We almost hope they do come, so they can see what a welcome they will receive. If the EDL think that they will be able to march through Bristol without serious trouble, they’re in for a nasty surprise. The time for polite, controlled marches and dead end, liberal “antifascism”, which poses no real challenge or threat whatsoever to the return of street based fascism, is over. We will be waiting.

This action was taken in solidarity with our antifascist comrades in Liverpool. You are not alone.

We also remember and salute our murdered antifascist comrades in Moscow. Nikita Kalin, a good comrade, outspoken antifascist and tireless fighter, killed by fascist knives. We will never forget or forgive.

Respect to Jock Palfreeman, imprisoned in Bulgaria for daring to step in to stop a racist attack and confront a fascist street gang.

Zero tolerance of fascism on our streets. Fight back. For direct action and militant antifascism.

Text of flyer distributed:

The Last Resort – the first action… Always antifascist!

The Last Resort presents itself simply as a shop selling skinhead clothing and music. Well, we’re not buying it and we hope you don’t either. Because, while everyone likes a bit of ska, it’s a bit more than just feelgood, party music on offer here. It is run by Chris Pugh, a fascist skinhead and member of the racist English Defence League. He sells fascist, race hate music and merchandise on the quiet, “by arrangement”, both from his stall on Corn Street and from his newly opened shop on Wells Road. Fascists like Chris Pugh use music and youth culture to draw young people in to win them over to the ideas of the extreme right wing.

We have had enough of the rise of attacks by fascist, racist thugs against people from ethnic minorities and against anyone who opposes them. We will do all that we can to prevent both the confidence and numbers of these bigots from growing. Fascism relies on control of the streets so that is where we will have to confront it.

We have taken this action today to send a clear message that there are many of us who will not tolerate fascism in our city.
Respect and solidarity to antifascists everywhere.

“We’re gonna chase dem crazy baldheads out of town”
Bob Marley

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