NO TAV – Juan’s communiqué from the prison of Trento (Italy)

Hola! I’m Juan Sorroche Fernandez and I’m writing this communiqué to clarify my position.

The TAV in Val Susa is one of the many projects that the State and society are getting going, like incinerators, the waste disposal emergency in Naples, the Gronda in Genoa (concerning the development of road junctions), construction of new prisons, militarization of the sites where Great Works are being implemented and the militarization of cities. The destruction of the earth and the consequent pollution alone would be sufficient to want to oppose these projects, but besides causing environmental devastation the State and dominion are crushing the individuals in a more and more mechanized system of control, a system based on production and circulation of goods. The implementation of these projects not only brings about fatal harmfulness, both physical and psychological, but it also aims at getting the individuals accustomed to suffer and accept anything while renouncing their ability of critique and action. Those who put forward these projects are setting up huge campaigns of mystification, where our reality, present and future are presented in a completely false version. As a consequence, to renounce freedom and self-determination will increasingly appear natural to us.

Exploitation, destruction and death are strong points built on blood and suffering, with which society feeds itself. These are the pillars that hold society and it is imperative to fight against them. To me the struggle against these tentacles is also a struggle against the society that generates them.

As I’m an individualist rebel I don’t speak on behalf of any movement, but only on behalf of myself. I feel I’m part of the struggle along with all those who take on it sincerely.

For this reason, my head held high, I claim my participation to the struggle against the TAV and society, a self-organized struggle, extraneous to the logics of the State and hierarchies and with the methods I considered appropriate.

‘Guilty or not guilty’, ‘good and bad’, ‘violent or not violent’ are moral definitions that don’t belong to me. They are concepts belonging to dominion and
social relations that make them acceptable as symbols of power. For I think that the authority relies not only on the use of force and the messages dictated by the order of the State but also on compromise and the acceptance of such relations.

My violence is a drop in the ocean if compared with the violence used and monopolized by the State against the Val Susa, in the wars of ‘peace’, in CIEs
[detention immigration centres] and prisons causing millions of dead. But nothing lasts forever, sometimes things get overturned.

I’m not an expert in violence. I believe it can be used as a means or as a method but it’s not the only one, there are many others and all are valid: leaflets, direct action, publications, expropriations, gigs… it is up to everyone to decide, collectively or individually, how and when to mix them.

To those who showed solidarity without distinctions between ‘the good’ and ‘the bad’… a warm hug. See you in the endless streets of the struggle. To those who refuse this practices and kinds of relations I send all my contempt and hatred! For ‘the road to freedom and dignity is always individual and cannot be linked to stereotypes and labels.’

Head held high!

For permanent revolt!

To write to Juan:

Juan Antonio Sorroche Fernandez

Via Beccaria 134

Loc. Spini d Gardolo

38014 Gardolo (Trento)


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