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Saluton from Osaka, an western part of Japanese islands.
By the way, right now, I am a dayworker having gotten low incomes. Some of about 3 million low-income Japanese workers like me are facing the fuckin’ evil invitation from the scums of the “Tokyo electric power ltd.” and also Japanese government now! THEY always pick us into the hell. Still now, Japanese capitalists and their subjects urge the nuke-power plants in Japanese islands to generate fuckin’ “clean & economic electric power” again. (especially the “Kansai electric power ltd.” strongly urge their nuke-power plants to generate electoric power again.).
So, Jap government will try to support this worst nuke-terrorist company, and also THEY never sincerely apologize to the people living on eastern areas of these islands, especially to the people having lived in Fukushima prefecture. So, this fuckin’ company mentioned yesterday:
“We need more pay for our electric power supplying. So, at first, we will beg more pay from the company placing on metropolitan areas. If the company will not hope to pay more for our electric power supplying, we may reject our electric power supplying from the end of May 2012.”
…Yes, THEIR next targets are people living on metropolitan areas, and so on… They don’t really apologize all the individuals facing the fuckin’ terrible nuke-disaster & scums of its radioactivities! …in spite of THEIR worst activities and irresponsibilities!!
Right now, some of unemployed people & dayworkers like me have been invited to the FUKUSHIMA for supporting the “FUKUSHIMA 1st nuke-power station” as the temporary disposable workers for a year. By September 2011, They got 20000yen (about 181.8euro) per day & no compensation… However, on January 2012, the wage was cut off 3000yen.(17000yen per day & no compensation)
Further, so many unemployed people are invited to other radioactive alert areas/or its suburbs of FUKUSHIMA. Those people measuring the radioactivities & cesiums get 16000-17000yen per day & no compensation. Those workers must work at their working place for at least 1 month.
Yes, damage of radioactivities makes them unhappy.
…also about pension system and tax systems of jap will be more terrible than before, right now, fuckin’ politicians will selfishly try to set more terrible one!!
Most of the people in Japnese islands gave up their struggle against the capitalist bastards.
Anyway, anarchist individuals living in japanese islands never give up to fight against the bastards! Ni ne estas la ruboj. Vi venkos! Ni venkos!! NO PASARAN!!! Thanx. In struggle against the poverty.(rebel_JILL/ a dayworker)


Comrades & Affinities;

Saluton from Osaka, Japanese islands. By the way, on 29 Mar 2012, “Ministry of Justice” of Japanese government declared THEY will carry out the death by hanging on 3 prisoners: a prisoner of Tokyo prison, a prisoner of Hiroshima prison, and a prisoner of Fukuoka prison. They are 40-50 years old.
Unfortunately, Minister of Law “Mr.Ogawa” was an opposition to the death penalty. However, he carried it out! This boring bastard selected a bloody authoritarian’s way.
By 29 Mar 2012, at least for a year, there is no death by hanging to the prisoners in Japanese islands.
Also in Japanese islands, there are political prisoners. Also 2 warriors of an urban guerrila group named “East-Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front (EAAF)” & a sympathizer of them are the prisoners of death penalty. The EAAF tried to destroy the colonialistic companies like the Mitsubishi, Mitsui etc. by bombing from 1971 till 1974. 2 warriors name are: Mr. T.Kataoka (Masunaga) and Mr. M.Daidouji. (Tokyo prison). A sympathizer – Mr.Oomori (Sapporo prison), was arrested by police as “a bombing terrorist of the building of government of Hokkaidou area”.
So, capitalists were so afraid of them in the 1970’s.
Anyway, Jap government selects a bloody way again.

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