Florence: Let’s start again – On the response to the arrests (Italy)

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We usually don’t give reports on everything we do but after the latest events we think it is important to inform the comrades on the situation in Florence, the problems we have to face and the potentialities we have to develop. To start with, the expulsion orders don’t seem to have intimidated anyone and they will be deliberately ignored. Released late in the morning on Saturday, three dear comrades are now forced to remain in their respective towns as they are subjected to mandatory residence: Sandro and Filomena in Pontassieve, and Nicola in Pistoia. As these places are not far from Florence we will be able to see them every day and surely they won’t be abandoned.

Response to the arrests was quick and positive.

On the morning of Saturday a gathering was held in Piazza Dalmazia with about 60/70 people coming from Florence as well as other cities. The gathering was very quiet (and perhaps a bit boring too) owing to a precise choice: we wanted to mark the big shit performance of the Digos [Italian political police] on the morning of Thursday, when the cops brutally arrested the comrades amid cries of outrage from the people. The fact that the gathering was quiet allowed us to talk with several people who are now opening their eyes on the real practices of the police. The same leaflets of Thursday morning were distributed and fly-posted: against the presence of the police in the streets and on the assassination of Youssef Ahmed and Sauri R’Himi Bassem by the guards. Two police vans waiting for us outside the Sollicciano prison were left to watch over the nothing.

After taking a bus we went back to the centre. Around 2:30pm a march of forty people started from Via Palazzuolo and through the centre up to Piazza Sant’Ambrogio. Along the route there were continuous speeches, chants, posters on the murders of the State and graffiti against the police. The contrite grins of Digos officers who were following us and the interest we received from the people were a good indicator of the situation: police in the city have lost a bit of their good reputation.

Very few and contained the moments of tension.

The contribution of comrades coming from other places was very important. We send a big heartily hug to all those who supported us here and in other cities in a way or another.

A last consideration: the events of Thursday unquestionably marked a quantum leap in the daily management of social conflict in Florence. If the cops decided to arrest comrades for distributing leaflets and fly-posting two of them on the wall, if they decide to prevent solidarity gatherings outside the police headquarters every time people are arrested by taking the documents of all the people who come in solidarity and by giving expulsion orders on the spot… this is a repressive turn that concerns all those who break the boundaries of legality, which are becoming narrower and narrower. What is at stake is the possibility to hand out leaflets in public spaces, to make white and silent walls speak, to march without permission, to express solidarity with those arrested by the police, to live in the city without having registered residence. If we don’t break these mechanisms day by day and limit ourselves to sporadic responses, we’ll end up in a cul-de-sac. If we keep on thinking we are not numerous enough to act, we’ll never get out of it. The power of the numbers is certainly important in the struggles but it cannot be obtained by distributing bulletins of census and above all it is not the only one. May imagination and unpredictability open up to us the way in the jungle of repression.
On Saturday we demonstrated that they didn’t stop us, not even this time.

Let’s go on like this.
Full speed ahead, but for real!

A few anarchists in Florence
Misfits and self-organized

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