Black Iris Press: Callout for contributions to zines on work and prison

Black Iris Press are a small, DIY publishing collective who produce a zine series called Affinity, conceived as a space for critical discussion and personal reflection on different strategies for resisting and struggling against the dominant culture. We are looking for submissions for our next two issues, which will cover the topics of work and prison. We are interested in hearing people’s personal stories and experiences of these two oppressive institutions, what it’s like to live through them and to struggle against them.

What are the different ways in which work constrains us and our communities? Are workplace struggles still relevant, and how do we go about them? How can we help create communities of resistance that can exist and survive outside of the institution of work?

How does the fear and threat of prison affect our choices and actions? How do we continue to struggle and resist within the prison system? What does it mean to show solidarity with those facing repression from the state?

These are the kind of questions that we’d like to explore, though by no means should they be a limiting factor in what people may want to write about. The only editorial guidelines are that articles are not too long and include the personal reflections and perspectives of the author. We would also be happy to receive images and artwork.

The rough deadlines for submissions are the end of July for the issue on work and end of September for the issue on prison.

We would also like to invite people to write responses and reflections to articles published in previous issues, which will then be compiled with all the previous zines into a booklet at the end of the year. Previous issues have covered the topics of privilege, violence, mental health, and patriarchy, and can all be found at blackirispress.wordpress.com

If you would like to contribute to any of these projects, or have any further questions, please email blackirispress[at]riseup.net

* Please forward this callout to any individuals or groups who may be interested *

Black Iris Press

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