New repression wave – Four anarchists detained and investigated for solidarity actions – 'Memori Senja' shut down (Indonesia)

On the night of Friday, April 20, 2012, four people were arrested by police [in Malang] when comrades are doing acts of vandalism as a form of solidarity against a variety of asymmetric struggle against the state, capital and society and solidarity to the imprisoned revolutionary combatants (Billy & Eat, Tukijo and Hidayat). The four comrades were detained and underwent a long interrogation for 17 hours without stopping before then released while still in the surveillance and investigation of the police.

During interrogation, the police force four comrades to mention Facebook address each of the accused as a “communication tool” of internal “group of troublemakers and bullies the social order”.

They also were asked about their relationship with the combatants in the jail (Billy & Eat, Tukijo and Hidayat- just released from the prison now), then how do they communicate with our comrades in prison (whether via phone, email or other medium), name of group or network in which they are involved and how these groups communicate, and other silly things related activities each captured comrades.

Equipment used for this action were seized as evidence such as spray paint, solidarity poster for Billy & Eat, Tukijo and Hidayat, poster for local anti-mine resistance at Tambak Bayan. Another posters who follow the seizure is reads “POLICE KILLER”, “DESTROY MINE”, “FUCK SOCIETY”.

The police then connect these acts of vandalism by an anarchist webblog called Memori Senja (http://memorisenja.blogspot.com/) and trying to find out who is the admin of the web. Web Memori Senja now no longer accessible online.

Later on Monday, April 23, 2012, the four comrades must face another interrogation again.

For each of us in NEGASI, this is a continuation of the repression against the rise of a new generation of anarchists in Indonesia. Although each of us vowed never retreat, but we still expect solidarity from the other comrades every where in every forms.

Long live the rebels!
Long live anarchy!

Comrades of NEGASI

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