Fragment – The Labyrinth of the Law (Edizioni Cerbero)

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‘Equality of “rights” is truly a ghost because rights are nothing more than permission, that is to say a question of mercy’


In its endless search for inferno, Cerberus penetrates like the epicentre of an emanation.
Impulsive, instinctive, immoral: ‘A BAD PASSION’.
The nihilist anarchist introduces the non-form into a circle where all things are born and die…

In the world of Cerberus one feeds oneself with the corpses of the whole humanity.
The gates represent the unknown, and no one gets in or out of them.
The metaphor sinks all formal data, and it becomes harsher and makes the significant sign inexplicable.
In a continuous search for non-value the free spirit/the nihilist anarchist reveals his egoism. 2

Nihilist anarchism is a wandering exception.

The labyrinth of the moral judicial monster is intricate and complex and it exposes its threads, which imprison the individual changing their form into one of a ‘defendant’.
In the conventional signs of a ‘just judgement’, the free spirit/nihilist anarchist experiments and denies until they break the right-duty.

The road is uphill, in an endless exploration of the extreme situation and anarchist coherence. 3

A circle in ebb and flow, there is the debris of this fragment in the labyrinth.

‘What is it the feeling of the lack of value, when it was understood that it is not permitted to interpret the general character of existence with either the concept of ‘end’ or the concept of ‘unity’ or the concept of ‘truth’.

Nothing is attained with this; in the multiplicity of events there no unity that permeates all.
The character of the existent is not true, it is false. It is absolutely unreasonable to fantasize a true world.

So the categories ‘end’, ‘unity’, ‘being’, with which we had introduced a value in the world, are being pulled out by us once again, and now the world appears with no value. strong>4

1. Second part ‘The Ego’, ‘The Ego and its Own’, M. Stirner

2. ‘I’m the only one who decides if the law is in me; there’s no law outside me. If it is all right for me then it is possible that it is not all right for others. This is their business not mine. They can defend themselves. And if the whole world would not be all right, but it would be the right thing for me, and I would want it like it is, I would not mind the whole world. So does behave the one who can admire himself, each his grade, his egotism being because strength is superior to the law.’

3. ‘You know we are going to die! Long live death!’
Raymond cries.
‘He distributes cyanide among all the associates, which he had been given by David. Better to die than be captured, no wounded no prisoners. Either corpses or free men, there no half way.’
‘Long live Raymond! Long live Anarchy!’ They cry.
‘The Bonnot Gang’ B. Thomas

4. ‘Will to Power’ F. Nietzsche

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