About imprisoned anarchist comrade Rami Syrianos being in solitary confinement (Greece)

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Update on comrade Rami Syrianos : Friday 27th April 2012

Comrade Rami Syrianos is being held for over a month (since 26th of March) in solitary confinement of Serres’ Nigrita Prison, in the ‘cells for the newcomers’.

After the latest postponement of his court -for which he was moved the same morning to the courts of Thessaloniki and was turned back the same day to Nigrita Prison- he denied once again the humiliating process of body search [the prisoner is supposed to take off his underwear and cough while bending] and was taken subsequently to the prosecutor the next day, which imposed him the penalty of ‘disciplinary jail transfer’.

Our comrade is being isolated from the prison’s wings ever-since, in one of the “newcomers’ cells”. These particular spaces, apart of the name, are not at all different than the typical solitary confinement cells. Spaces made for the ones that arrive to any jail for a first time as well as for those coming back from an ‘exit permission’. Isolated from all the common-used spaces, without any yarding (in our comrade’s case, he’s permitted to have a walk of half an hour in a corridor in order to make one-two phonecalls per day…)

We should note, speaking in their own terms, that the maximum disciplinary isolation penalty that someone could get cannot surpass 10 days… We note this not to denounce just another ‘irregularity’ of the prison system, which on its own basis consists anyway probably the worst irrationalism of the human existence, but to let one of its largest aspects be shown.
Apart of depriving “freedom”, the physical restriction, the control and supervision, it’s more about flattening the prisoner’s dignity. When all the previous are not enough to achieve this, the system needs to invent other ways…

And while Rami Syrianos remains isolated for over a month, waiting for the prison transfer that is imposed to him, his lawyer was informed today [27/4] through the ministry of justice that the disciplinary decision has not been yet sent to the ministry, obviously not by any mistake, meaning that his ‘accommodation’ in Nigrita Prison under solitary confinement is being extended.

We would like to remind that our comrade continues the trolley-food denial since 11/4, in solidarity with the hunger strikers of the C.C.F. members as well as with Alexandros Mitrousias, Kostas Sakkas and Giorgos Karagiannidis, as the comrades of C.C.F. keep on striking demanding the final transfer of P.Argyrou and G.Tsakalos from the Domokos’ prison.

PS: We would like to mention the fact that another prisoner, C.D., was the only one from the whole 2nd wing of the jail that started a trolley-food denial in solidarity with Rami Syrianos’ situation, a denial that started since the very first day of Rami’s penalty and that is being continued up to now. C.D. denied to enter inside his cell on April 14th, protesting Rami’s absence from the common spaces of the prison. He was obliged to spend a night in isolation and threatened to receive a disciplinary penalty as well, a threat that was hopefully not made.


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