Montevideo: Anarchist comrade in prison for fighting with scab taxi-driver on May 1st (Uruguay)

Rough translation from periodico anarquia:

On the morning of Wednesday, May 8, two comrades were arrested, one in their workplace and the other at home. They were taken to the Special Operations Department and on the morning of Thursday 9 to Court, they declared. One of them was free, while comrade David was charged with prison for assaulting a scab taxi-driver that was working on 1 May. The sentence would be between three months and three years in prison, according to the judge, the final decision will occur in the span of the next ten days and would accuse him of violence and property damage to private vehicles.

But what the state wants to convict, is to condemn the aggression against pimps-employers and the powerful, by those who do not agree with the world of exploitation, what is condemned is the rupture with living conditions that capitalism and the state impose.

All the while creating fear to all those who are not getting their heads down or looking the other way, those who did not give up, those who do not accept this way of life.

That is why we appeal to show solidarity, it is known that no comrade is alone.

Friday May 11: Demo at Plaza Libertad at 16 pm for the freedom of anarchist comrade David.

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