Conservative Association attacked in Bristol (UK)

From IMC UK:
30 May 2012

We attacked Bristol Conservative Association, just off Whiteladies Road, because let’s face it, their windows are calling out to be broken. We broke the main windows and threw paint. We sprayed “SCUM” and an anarchy sign over their front door and wall to make it difficult to remove.

This is a rejection of all party politics. The whole system must go.

Brand A, or Brand B, Pepsi or Cola, Labour or Conservative, we are allowed to chose anything we want as long as it’s within the pre-written guidelines of capitalism, the state, and the myth of democracy.

These non-choices will not contain us, despite the Tories proposed increase in state surveillance powers.

The Con-Dem government have slashed benefits, criminalised squatting, cut back services, denied access to the “justice” system and generally continued and escalated Labours war on the poor.

This isn’t a reformist gesture, but a small gesture of our defiance. Governments have proven throughout time that their only interest is serving the rich and they don’t give a fuck about the rest of us. The only way we will find true freedom is through the destruction of the state and capitalism.

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