Anarchist and Traditional Fishermen Refuse Coastal Reclamation, 2 People Kidnapped by Police (Indonesia)

Rough translation from Negasi:

Notes from Negasi: Since 2009, the escalation of resistance in Manado Bay against coastal reclamation intensified. Forefront of this action is a traditional fishing area spread over several points along the Gulf coast of Manado. In addition to fishermen on the beach Tumpaan Sario, Kalasey coastal communities and fishermen who are now on the beach Malalayang II also present persistent denial.

May 4, 2012

Since early morning around 08.00 am, fishermen get the news that the forced seizure of land in plots owned by a doctor named Awalui already stretched to the beach. The fishermen are flocking to the site soon discover that the action has the support of the thugs and the police sector of Malalayang. At 11:00 pm, call for solidarity immediately propagated to other companions in arms. Some anarchists are also involved.

At the scene, it looks like huge boulders that had been on the beach. Immediate cessation of landfill activities conducted by the traditional fishermen of Malalayang II with those who took part came in solidarity. Feeling outnumbered, thugs hired by the owner chooses to keep a distance with the fishermen and the police are changing the face of mass forward. Negotiation is offered by the police who then failed due to a single demand for an immediate cessation of fishing activities of the landfill.

At about 3:00 pm today, finally stopped hoarding activities. Penggeruk engine and truck material away from the site immediately while the fishermen kept vigil in the coastal area around the landfill.

At 05.00 pm, the fishermen broke up after the heavy equipment and trucks completely out of the landfill. The atmosphere was quite tense because the issue of retaliatory attacks to be carried out by thugs hired by landowners.

May 5, 2012

Around 11:00 noon, fishermen who were fishing to see that the truck carrying the material in the form of rocks and soils as well as heavy equipment is back activity. Checks to be done by other fishermen, but not stopped because the activity is still within the boundary of land owned by landowners. Material accumulation lasted until late afternoon.

When it was night, the fishermen who were gathered and resting to get the news that the accumulation of beach re-done. Material stockpiled during morning to evening was prepared for the accumulation of the beach at night.

At around 20:00 at night, the fishermen quickly assembled and moved into the landfill. Found that the activity is carried out by the accumulation of beach equipment, fishing immediately called for a halt. Was not taken because of the accumulation of rock and soil continues, fishermen chose to attack with stones that surround the beach. Heavy equipment used to perform the accumulation of targeted fishing.

Under attack, thugs and the police to get back behind the terror against the fishermen. Because outnumbered, thugs and the police choose retreat.

Landfilling activities ceased at about 21:30 at night, but fishermen are reluctant to shift from the site due to suspect that the activity will remain if not maintained.

At 23:30, a group of heavily armed police came and forcibly abducted a fisherman who was accused of being a leader and provocateur in an attack that happened before. The sudden arrest was immediately responded by spreading the word solidarity.

Fishermen from all over Malalayang II plus solidarity with those who immediately surrounded the police station Malalayang, where one of their comrades were arrested. Several things became clear, that the arrest was illegal and without a formal letter. One of the other fishermen also were arrested during the siege was involved in police station on charges of the provocateur.

May 6, 2012

At 1:00 AM, the increasing mass. Tension was also rising because it looks that the thugs seen sitting in groups with the police is already drunk. Some fishermen are angry immediately demanded that the two friends had their immediate release.

Conditions more heated when some policemen had an argument with the fishermen and those who came in solidarity. One of the participants had been threatened with a siege weapon by one of the police managed to defuse tensions before the news that the two people arrested will be released soon.

Early morning at 3:00, all are caught immediately released after undergoing a series of illegal interrogation by the police. The mass of the siege and end soon disband.

At 09.30, immediate coordination among fishermen in Malalayang II with other fishermen in order to plan, conduct and analysis of a wider solidarity to face the possibility of retaliation from the thugs and the police.


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