'An Endless Vertex in the Abyss' by Federico Buono (Edizioni Cerbero)

This is a text from Federico Buono, one of the comrades investigated in the operation ‘Ardire’. He has chosen a non-judicial stance as concerns the charges pressed against him. May the nihilist germ spread.


Anarchist and amoral anti-legalism

‘And in this way, whatever he has to endure, he does not despair in salvation. Fate leads him to the coffin, tied to the mad rope of hope.’

‘The Illusions of Mankind’ Eduardo Von Hartmann

In the afternoon of yesterday, 19th June, I was stopped in the city of Catania, where I’m living at the moment, by two Digos officers [political police] and taken to the police barracks.
There I was notified the act concerning the investigation on 270bis set up by nun Manuela Comodi.

Moreover the house of Peppe, a dear comrade whom I’m staying with, was searched.
My “state” of unavailability in my perception of the sensations I was able to inoculate – made it possible that they came to me afterwards..?!

In a constant search for negation of the law, the nihilist experimentation brings to light endless possibilities of choice in a normalizing chiaroscuro and to an isolated and misanthropic ravine where the sentient mass cannot go – as it can’t perceive singularity.

In my refusal to sign any ‘paper’, my denial to have the right of a solicitor settles all my peculiar choices – my refusal to indicate an address where to receive the beginning or the end of a trial places me in a limit, which will deny certain ‘right’ if it is broken.

Nihilist experimentation must be continued…

Its development must be consumed in an embrace with the action in the streets of a human society prone to conformism and homologation of the ‘all’!

I claim my total support to practices of attack and destruction on the overall penetration of the moral judicial monster, which is carved in the stone of human consciousness and can be found in every city in the Temples of Prophecy.

I declare myself proud nihilist and unique individual alone with myself, and I don’t abdicate, and I spit my poison, and I keep the nihilist dagger ready for a battle in the streets…

I choose the line of blood in the negation of the law and of safety in the proceeding, and I carry on along an informal, anti-juridical and amoral path.

I pursue affinity with those who will choose a climbing up to the endless vertex in the abyss in the context of the investigation on 270bis, and I deny solidarity made of ‘straw instead of iron’.

Heterogeneous homologation doesn’t belong to me.

I dedicate these lines to you, my affinity comrade Maurizio, and to all those who arise.

‘In order to climb the peak sharp nails and hands ready for the most painful wounds are needed.
As one climbs the peak of a decadent humanity, the rocks crumbling under the fingers fall down, fall down…
Boldness [ardire]! To dare! Here popular fear is lashing out mixed with ressentiment towards our sovereignty of the individual…’

‘The Triumph of the Destroyer Genius’ Maurizio de mone.

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