Osaka: Message from anarchist comrade about initiation of Nuclear energy + Appeal for action (Japan)

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Japanese pro-nuke bastards drive THEIR nuke power plant.

Comrades & Affinities;

Saluton from osaKKKa, in the western part of the japanese islands. Shamelessly, on 16 jun 2012, at last, fuckin’ “liberal” jap government decided to say “ok” for driving a nuke power plant named “ooi3rd & ooi4th” again. So, kansai electriKKK power ltd is preparing for driving THEIR “safe & economy, and also clean energy” as soon as possible. (about 6 weeks after or less, they will be able to drive ooi3rd/ooi4th) This fuckin’ terrible decision made by the evil organizations of the japanese capitalists (nihon-syoukou-kaigisyo… und so weiter) & jap government, and also so many pro-nuke bastards. THEY always urge kansai electric power ltd (=kanden) to drive the nuke power plants for “stable electric power supplying for their selfish benefits”.

Unfortunately, on these islands, in spite of many victims by atomic-bombing (hiroshima, nagasaki) and the victims of the 5th Fukuryuu-maru incident, anti-nuke movement has been betrayed by all rulers and the people being controlled by THEM for about 70 years. Also similar evil affairs caused the terrible problems to the people by terrible chemical industrial wastes (like the minamata-byou=mercury, itai-itai byou=cadmium, zensoku=sox & nox…etc) from 50’s. In many cases, these bloody criminals have paid a lot for the victims, however, they have had no responsibilities for their evil doing so much. On the case of the incident at fukushima 1st&2nd, also tokio electric power ltd did same crafty doing. … so, jap government and pro-nuke bastards like the kansai electric power ltd=kanden could try to drive their nuke power plants located at wakasa-gulf in fukui-prefecture, a western part of japanese islands. (from these nuke power plants, osaka city located within 150km south.) This gulf has some fatal problems for the locations of nuke power plants (active gaps pass under their nuke power plants: tsuruga, mihama, also ooi.

Especially at tsuruga-pen, nihon-genshiryoku-hatuden’s tsuruga nuke power plant and most dangerous plants named “fugen” & “monju” are there.), also there are at least 13 power generators.

However, kanden and their pro-nuke bastards have always said just “no problem. We have credible technologies for safety” again and again for many years… like [they said for] the fukushima 1st… etc.

Anyway, about 6 weeks after or less, “ooi3rd & ooi4th” will be able to drive to make the electric power with full power for the urban areas of kansai area (osaka, sakai, kyoto, koube) … A lot of disposable temporary workers like me will have to work those nuke power plants with injustice wages by yakuza (japanese mafia).

On 27 june 2012, an action against the general meeting for major stockholders of kansai electric power ltd will be held at a place of umeda, osaka city, an western part of japanese islands. If you will be able to do something on this day (sorry on JST time), please say “stop your evil nukes right now!” to the branches of japanese government or kansai electric power ltd(1)
*** kanden has an office in france (paris?), europe! ***
Any actions will be welcomed.

Thanx. In struggle against the bastards and poverty…

(rebel_JILL/ a disposable daylabor)

(1) https://www2.kepco.co.jp/w1/cgi-bin/inquiry_e/inquiry.cgi

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