New York: Solidarity Demo for Jeremy Hammond at His Next Court Date (USA)

From anews:

On the 23rd July 2012, the Jeremy Hammond Support Network will sponsor a rally in NYC to show support for the accused hacktivist. Friends, family, and supporters of Jeremy Hammond will gather at Foley Square for a brief march to the Metropolitan Correctional Center where we will pack the courtroom in solidarity with Jeremy.

We wish to make it clear our intent to peacefully fill the courtroom. We are there to support Jeremy, and the more people that actually make it into the courtroom, the better. In this light, we have also been informed that sadly, individuals with any items identifying them as Anonymous have, in the past, been denied entry to the court. This is not something the Support Network agrees with, however, if you intend to actually sit in the court room, you will need to take this into consideration.

The event will be covered live on irc.anonyops.net #freeanons courtesy of the the Freeanons Solidarity Network.

Jeremy is accused of taking part in compromising the computer systems of Strategic Forecasting, Inc. (aka “Stratfor”) and providing information gathered to the website Wikileaks. This information, released by Wikileaks under the name “The Global Intelligence Files” (http://wikileaks.org/gifiles/) revealed even further corruption within the U.S. Intelligence community – including plans to target and infiltrate domestic popular movements such as Occupy.

A social activist himself, Jeremy was deeply in support of some of the very movements targeted. A longterm anti-war, anti-capitalist activist, Jeremy was arrested for involvement in the Stratfor hack on the testimony and actions of FBI Informant, Hector Xavier Monsegur. Monsegur himself was facing 105 years in a Federal Penitentiary if he could not assist the FBI in identifying and apprehending other alleged members of Anonymous and Lulz Security (http://dc406.com/Monsegur-Hector-Xavier-Information.pdf).

We feel there is ample evidence to show that the Stratfor hack was organized, planned, and allowed to happen by the FBI, through the agency of Mr. Monsegur, for the expressed purpose of entrapping alleged Anonymous hacktivists. We understand that Jeremy’s years of organizing for social justice show him to clearly possess a more noble character than that of his accuser, Mr. Monsegur, best known as little more than a Twitter troll and internet blowhard.

We demand that charges be dropped pending an investigation into the methods used by the FBI to entrap all alleged Anons and Lulzsec members. We demand that Jeremy be taken off lock down and be granted visitation. At the very least, we demand that Jeremy be moved to a cell providing a view of more than another wall.

Free Jeremy Hammond! Free all accused Anons! Amnesty for all political prisoners!

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