Thessaloniki: Letter from the 13 arrested comrades (Greece)

Monday 2nd of July, 6 a.m

The pogrom operation of the Thessaloniki Police Headquarters begins… Executed by numerous cops of almost all kinds, under the leadership of the ‘State Security Police Department’. The new super-production of the Greek police contains invasions into houses and places where comrades work, as well as a spectacular invasion in Orfanotrofeio Squat and the arrest of people that were arriving in solidarity, from the streets nearby.

With the abstract pretext of investigation, all the arrested we are transferred into the police headquarters where we realize the existence of a ‘list’ of names, based on which some of us are being held and where numerous others names of comrades are being written.

As in every other similar case, this spectacular operation is being accompanied by a mediatic river of shit. The ‘parrots’ (specialized journalists) of the state security police department, through TV panels, their blogs and papers ‘inform’ about the ‘disarticulation of gangs of the anti-authoritarian scene’ and about ‘the fights between them upon the city’s control’.

The ‘guilty’ elements found after the investigations in our houses and in Orfanotrofeio Squat don’t exist. What exists however already, is the case file, and so we were brought in front of the investigator’s office with a quite big list of accusations, relating to the criminal toponlinelexapro.com organization with the well-imaginative name “Thessaloniki’s Infoshops (squats)”.

The repression against active and uncompromising tendencies of the subversive movement has always been a standard tactics of the Power, in periods of political instability and social turmoil. Being members of the anarchist-antiauthoritarian scene, we “organize, direct and participate” daily in the timeless and constant crime of the struggle for freedom.

The total of the comrades being here in the cells of the police headquarters, as well as those wanted with the same accusations, we do not consist one specific political group, but we are active through various groups, collectives, social spaces, initiatives and structures of the wider radical scene. We are found here, however, all together, for the smaller and biger struggles being given every day, for the relations of solidarity and comradeship that we have developped and preserve as values and life principles.

Penalizing a whole political scene, we are being accused for participating in the greatest ‘criminal organization’, this of the anarchist scene, and for our decision to defend our conscience choices and political presence.

Finally, we have been, we are, and will be by the side of our wanted comrades.



The people accused as members of the “Criminal Organization ‘Thessaloniki’s Infoshops (squats)'”

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