Osaka: Demo against Nuclear Energy (Japan)

Rage against the pro-nuke electric power ltd!

These are the pix of the protest-action against a pro-nuke electric power ltd of Kansai electric power (Kanden) on 27 June 2012, Osaka, a western part of Japanese islands. Polizeis and guards, subjects of Kanden prevented our protest as the “loud & noizy voices”. This pro-nuke bastard named “Kanden” will just carry out their evil way with “ok signs” on 16 June 2012 by Jap government. THEY are just interested in making THEIR bloody money. Ja, this selfish decision by pro-nuke bastards is terrible crime for everyone living on this planet.

For, if only one of 13 nuke power generators on the wakasa-gulf will break out by an earthquake, the incident will become more heavy & more terrible than the Fukushima 1st & 2nd. Further, radioactive alert will be covered around the Tonhe/Japanese sea: most of Japanese islands, Korean-area, a part of Chinese language’s area, and a part of Russian language’s area. Also, the jet stream will bring the radioactivity to north amerikan continent…


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