Letter from compañero Mario Antonio López Hernández + Joint communiqué from anarchist collectives and organizations in solidarity (Mexico)

Revolutionary solidarity to Mario – Stay free F. [Original, Spanish-language source here English translation via slackbastard.]

Hello dear comrades, as you already will know (inside and outside of Mexico) I find myself hospitalized due to injuries to my shin, leg, and right arm. At the moment I’m “ok” given the situation, I am concerned about my health and am also concerned about several things which I’ll expand upon in a few points.

First the fact of writing now and not later. Well, this is easy because physically I have the ability to do so and because in the future when they charge or sentence me the control will be greater and communication will be more difficult.


Well, I have three fairly serious burns, the first on the right leg, the second is a hole from once side of my arm to the other, and the last is on the right shin. Bad if one day I go back to practicing Muay Thai. In the hospital the nurses and doctors are behaving great, including nicknaming me “bombiux” and I have hope in saving my leg.


Here the problem is that another person is now implicated because we made the error of carrying in the backpack which remained at the scene her ID and because of that they identified her and linked her with a video of the area. Yesterday (June 28) they told me that she was detained, or rather with their words: “now we’ve got your girlfriend” … they said she made a statement against me and well, the same story. First, they wanted (and want) me to claim the attack on a bank in Tlalpan: “I do not accept this,” then they would say it was my comrade (now that she was identified) who did it: “I do not accept this,” and finally they wanted me to name more people who did it and obviously I did not accept this. Regarding my comrade they came to corroborate her physical information and all of this in front of a state lawyer.


I stated that I did everything from beginning to end and that I was individually responsible for this act (or attempt), of course this statement was made under pressure, with the army, with the marines, with the military camp #1 and also I was in a state of physical and psychological weakness as a result of the anaelgesics and the surgery on my leg. Even so, I maintained this declaration with the goal of not directly involving more comrades in my problem.

I, as an anarchist, comply (as far as possible) with the consequences and responsibilities derived from my individual act. Therefore, I declared myself responsible for this act from beginning to end, my comrade was only there at the moment when the device exploded and the most serious error was having her ID with us.


Yesterday I almost cried (and today while writing this letter) when the lawyer told me that everyone was outside. It gave me goosebumps that independent of the differences of how we see things, the paths to follow, the means, etc. It showed me that relationships are also built through mutual knowledge. Some take one path or decisions, others others, but at the end of the road is absolute freedom.


Since the bomb exploded I have identified myself as an anarchist in spite of the “consequences” that my way of life, struggles and ideas can lead to.

The federal police arrived and tried to turn me and of course I did not accept it. Three years less in jail for being a snitch is not worth it, not even if it was 30.

Regarding the motives that led me to carry out this action, they are more than my futile and contradictory statements to the prosecutors who never stopped pressuring me. In short, as an anarchist, I don’t consider that this type of situation or political moment should be the starting point for projecting our struggle, as building-destruction is the daily construction of our persons and of our goals. I only consider it necessary to draw a clear line regarding political parties without contradicting the above statement. Even more so in these times where populist discourses (democratic left or right) can be confused with our proposals and ideas of freedom.

The IFE (Federal Elections Institute), PRD (Party of the Democratic Revolution), are a couple more institutions that are just like a bank or a police station that conform to the machinery of the system.

This is my statement to the comrades and not to the muddling and manipulative questions of the police, who, without any form of counsel made me fall into unbeneficial positions for my case…but you are the ones who are most important.

I identify myself as an anarchist enemy of any kind of State and of capital, each chooses the methods or means according to their criteria, but the struggle is a daily one, inside and outside of the prisons.

To the comrades in solidarity and to the Anarchist Black Cross, a strong, combative hug and thank you for being with my mother, she understands the situation.

Greetings to Luciano Pitronello!
Solidarity with all prisoners of war and political prisoners in the struggle!
Solidarity with the comrades who are prisoners in Italy!
For the destruction of the prisons!
Social war on all fronts!
Long live anarchy!
The claim of responsibility begins!

Mario, El Tripa “The Gut”
June 2012

Joint communiqué from anarchist collectives and organizations in solidarity

Word as a means of unifying tendencies.
Action as a means of reestablishing principles in practical life.

Práxedis G. Guerrero

July 2nd, 2012

In the early hours of June 27th, there was an explosion at the corner of Vicente Guerrero and Londres streets in the Del Carmen neighbourhood of Coyoacán, in Mexico City. Comrade Mario Antonio López Hernández was found there with several burns across his body. He was put in an ambulance and transported under police custody to Rubén Leñero hospital, where his leg and arm were operated on.

At no point was his family allowed to see him, let alone was he able to consult with a lawyer that he trusted to make a statement regarding the accusations that he was facing. On the contrary, members of the Mexican Federal District’s judicial police hounded him with questions, pressuring him to respond—even though the comrade was not physically able to testify, because he was still anaesthetized from surgery—and to accept his participation in other actions, in particular an explosion which had occurred hours before at an ATM at the building of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

It wasn’t until a day later, after pressure from several comrades, that he was able to communicate with his lawyer and family. His family’s house was searched, and nothing relating to the accusations was discovered. Since the morning that Mario was found injured, the mass media published articles in which he is portrayed as a dangerous terrorist.

We have information that the police are trying to link more people to the facts, F R in particular, whose name has appeared in various mass media outlets as Mario’s supposed accomplice, to the point of even declaring that she’s been detained; this, however, has not been confirmed by the Attorney General of Mexico (PGR).

We condemn these irregularities, not because we believe in laws and legality, which only serve to sustain this predatory system, but because we think it’s important not to shut up before the attempt of the Mexican Federal District’s government and judicial police to stage a media case against Mario in particular and the anarchist movement in general.

We are certain that the Mexican Federal District’s government intends to make a scapegoat out of Mario, by setting up a case that attempts to link him to other actions and changing the charges, the last one being “Attack on Public Peace”, and furthermore that they’re beginning a hunt of anarchists. The Attorney General of Mexico has demonstrated that he’s incapable of restraining the offensive of anarchist direct action groups and is, thus, trying to take advantage of a compañero’s accident in order to make an example of him and strike fear into anarchist groups. We also know that the police have a list of names of comrades and organizations that they are now investigating.

We the members of different organizations and collectives in the anarchist movement declare:

– Our total solidarity with our compañero Mario through these difficult times. We embrace him and await his prompt and thorough recovery.

– Solidarity among anarchists is more than just a written word, as we will take a series of actions to disseminate information about the comrade’s situation, as well as to demand his immediate liberation.

– We ask to see and hear F R. In an article from June 29th in the daily newspaper Excelsior, it is mentioned that she has been detained, but this has been neither denied, nor confirmed by the Attorney General of Mexico.

– We reject and denounce the crude attempt by the Mexican Federal District’s government to turn our compañero into a scapegoat while he is incapacitated.

– We call on all independent, autonomous and anti-capitalist organizations to be vigilant about the government’s attempts to provoke an anti-anarchist witch-hunt. We are sure that this new “leftist” government will continue the policy of prosecution and judicialization of any political expression that doesn’t adhere to their plans.

– The social inequality, which sustains this system of domination and exploitation, is much more violent than any form of protest, and attacks the innate right to a dignified life, hindering the freedom of individuals, preying on nature, subjecting the peoples, stripping them and casting them into ever more numerous penitentiaries of this prison-society; this is why we will continue to organize ourselves and build a new world, founded on freedom, mutual aid, solidarity and free accord.

For Mario’s freedom!
For anarchy!

Cruz Negra Anarquista de México
Federación Anarquista de México-DF-Edo. Mex.
Grupo Anarco Comunista
Colectivo Acción Libertaria
Biblioteca Social Reconstruir
Federación Ecatepec Anarquista
Centro de Información Anarquista
Ediciones Hormiga Libertaria
Espacio anarcofeminista Ni Ama Ni Esclava
Libertas Anticorp
Sin Medios Producciones
Regeneración Radio
Proyecto Ambulante Medios Libres
Proyecto Rhabdovirus
2HAK Hip Hop Libertario
Escarlata Revoltoza
Centro Social Okupado Casa Naranja
Espacio Autónomo Café Emma Goldman
Revista Tiempo Animal
Radio Molocha
Individuos Acratas de la Liga de Lucha Libertaria
Fanzinoteca Lee libre
Videoteca La Revuelta
Integrantes Libertarixs del Espacio Cultural Autónomo Altepetl

Source: Anarchist Black Cross of Mexico

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