Fuck the London 2012 Olympics (GB)

Beyond the gold, silver and bronze glitter that bedazzles us through the corporate media (the myth), there is a dark & sinister shadow comprised of greed & destruction (the reality). This shadow is cast primarily over the poor and the natural world, who suffer the most from impacts of Olympic Games. While officials’ talk about the ideals of the ‘Olympic Spirit’, ‘Olympism’, & the ‘Olympic Movement’ (with vague references to the interrelation of sports, humanity, & universal ethics: myth), it would be more accurate to refer to it all as the Olympic Industry (reality). It can be defined as such because in spite of its ‘nonprofit’ image as a champion of amateur sports, it is in fact a multi-billion dollar industry comprised of government & corporate elites working together to maximize their profits, status and power.

The Olympic Industry is today based mostly on advertising consumer products to as many as 3 billion TV viewers around the world. This has spawned a huge market for both television contracts and corporate sponsors, who pay tens of millions of dollars to associate their product/logo with the Olympic rings (one of the most recognized corporate logos in the world).

For host countries and cities, this ‘product’ also includes the site of the Olympic Games, which gain international publicity and exposure to global markets: “The factors that motivate a corporation to link its name and product to the Games exactly parallel the expectations of a city in hosting an Olympic festival: global awareness, economic gain, citizen morale…”. The ability of the Olympics to be such a global commodity relies on its image as a pure, clean, and even spiritual celebration of sports & culture, an image projected around the world and into the minds of billions of people through corporate media. It is this image that corporate sponsors seek to exploit, and to associate with their products.

PDF from anti-2010 Winter Olympics: The Olympic Industry – Myth & Reality

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