Tax office sabotaged in St. Petersburg – Cell tower torched in Bryansk (Russia)

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Tax office sabotaged in St. Petersburg – July 2012

On the night of 26 July an electric distribution box of the Russian tax police was set on fire (St. Petersburg, Partisan Herman, 37). A 1 litre incendiary was used for the action. On the following day the cables were changed, but the box itself still shows signs of fire.


Link (in Russian)

Bryansk, Russia. Cell tower torched, equipment expropriated – July 2012

If you happen to travel from Bryansk to Gomel, you may happen upon a tree-covered hill with what appears to be a cell tower on it. But upon closer examination you will see that the cables are burned and hang in tatters, while the booth itself was broken into and its portable equipment taken away. There are still tracks of our “tachanka” on the ground.

ELF Nestor Makhno Commando

Link (in Russian)

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