Electricity pylon destroyed by villagers in Paniki Atas (Indonesia)

Rough translation from Negasi:

Wednesday, July 12, 2012, a High Voltage Electricity Pylon was destroyed by villagers of Paniki Atas, North Minahasa regency, North Sulawesi. This action of destruction is a manifestation of the attitude of rejection of the establishment of facilities for the residents in the surrounding residential area. The facility itself is a project of the State Electricity Company. As a result of this action, the pylon in the village was totally destroyed and until now (August 2, 2012) can not be operated. Nine Paniki Atas villagers have been named as suspects and are required to undergo a series of inspections and investigations at the office of Police – North Minahasa. The investigations were scheduled for July 31, 2012, but only two residents who received the demand complied.

Meanwhile the North Minahasa district police have set their sights on one person as the mastermind of the destruction of this action. Jiston Sinurat, a resident of Paniki Atas is accused by police as being the mastermind behind the sabotage. Sinurat himself refused to attend the examination and considers that the establishment of the pylon is illegal.

Before the action itself, the villagers of Paniki Atas have used a variety of ways to express their disapproval of the mega-projects that will pass through the village. Beginning with mass demonstrations, hearings with members of the House of Representatives, as well as media campaigns. However, because these actions do not yield results, then the choice to counter-attack was finally adopted.


Long live the horizontal resistance!
Long live the live action!
Means of survival on the offensive!

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