Second Letter by Marco Camenisch about Operation Ardire (Switzerland, Italy)

From actforfree:

INFO NO. 2 ON THE RECENT (really bold …) (operazione ardire) ANTIANARCHIST ROS FRAMEUP
18 July 2012 – Marco Camenisch

In the meantime I have received a letter from Elisa and yesterday one from Stefano after about 10 days. As you know they were still in “judicial isolation” and subjected to censorship, waiting for the “review” and / or transfer to another structure. Probably things will take longer due to the lack, in Pisa, of a high security structure thus “justifying” total isolation… In any case, as pointed out by Stefano and from what I have seen in the homeland (Italian) prisons, this is a period of isolation of particular (anti-anarchist. ..) ferociousness. And today I receive Elisa’s communication of July 9 that lights up my heart!

I still have not received any notification or other “official” news concerning the arrest warrant, while the hacks of the German-language local press of the regime in late June “honoured ” me along with Gabriel and the comrade Andi of the SRI a big scandalistic page doing a difficult balancing act between professional devotion to the regime and a painful observation concerning the emptiness of the warrant (incautiously posted up on the net …) not failing to wave the spectre of the possible liberation of Gabriel and myself again. From the Lenzburg concentration camp a “strange” sequence of provocatory measures, searches and threats of sanctions around and following the “sensational news”.

“Punctually” the rejection of the second instance for my “conditional release” has just arrived.

I have organized myself for an initiative without demands (more or less 20 days hunger strike) in solidarity (main reference and motivation the repression and not least the bold ROS …) and with participation and this time with appendix denouncing the generalized “crackdowns” implemented in this and other prisons in Switzerland, which I had initially foreseen more or less early to mid August, but with this I inform you that it is highly probable that I shall carry it out in the last two weeks of August (from August 20) partly due to the summer “lull”, also to coincide better with the organization of initiatives outside and, although this is not a proposal for a collective initiative from within, better information and evaluation from the imprisoned comrades.

I am therefore asking you to spread this Info no. 2 – Brief no.1

Gratefully, with Solidarity and Love,


Lenzburg concentration camp, July 18, 2012

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